The Importance of Purifying and Cleansing Your Space Before a Big Move

02.23.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

The energy of walking into a new space can really make or break a lot of things for you. Think about it—have you ever walked into a room before and things just felt off? Have you walked into a space and felt good, welcoming energy? Chances are you’ve felt both and you know the feeling very well. This energy is especially important when you’re looking for a new home to move into. The last thing anyone wants is for the energy to not feel great in a space they’ve invested in and are planning a future in! Ashley’s worked with feng shui expert, Anita Rosenberg, a number of times to help clear and purify the energy in her space(s) to feel her absolute best before making it her own. “What Ashley loves most about my services is Space Cleansing and tapping into the natural vibration of the house energy,” she said. 

Listening to Your Space

I am an intuitive and houses talk to me,” Rosenberg explains. As mentioned above, most people can feel good or bad energy the minute they walk into a space, but not everyone knows how to purify and cleanse said energy. Anita’s method is unique and she starts with a blend of incense in the home. “By wafting a magical secret incense blend (I do not use sage) I am able to hear the messages of the home to connect with the small Tai Qi or interior to attract abundance, happiness, love, vibrant health, and overall well-being,” she explained. [Editor’s note: Tai Qi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for defense training, health benefits, and meditation.] The bottom line here is that you have the power of listening to your new space, feeling what needs to go before you move in and take action. 

The Importance of Cleansing

The whole purpose is to make your home feel like home. And you don’t have to attempt to cleanse or purify a space only when it’s new. If you’re experiencing energy shifts or hardships, it could be a great time to consider a space cleansing. A lot of people turn to home purifying methods after breakups, divorces, financial hardships, or before welcoming a new baby into the space.  Another instance is clearing your space after a home renovation to remove the energy of others who spent a lot of time in there impacting the space.

It’s all personal preference and you’re the one who can really feel it. While Anita’s method involves her magical incense blend, most people (especially beginners) turn to the smudging method with sage. It’s important to note that this practice has been used across many different cultures, specifically North American Indigenous cultures, before becoming as centralized as it is now and we highly encourage our readers to learn more about honoring this practice to respect those who influenced this now common practice.

Again, making your space feel safe is of utmost importance and you’ll know when a cleansing session is necessary. Trust your gut, educate yourself on cleansing methods, and get to work.

The Frenshe Editors