It’s My Birthday—Here’s What I Learned This Past Year!

07.02.2021 — Ashley

I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt like this last year has gone on for five years. In fact, I I literally thought I was already 36 (LOL). I have so much to grateful for this year, my beautiful baby girl Jupiter, my new endeavors Frenshe and Frenshe interiors, and most of all YOU!

I’m so grateful for you all, and I just want to thank you for following along and taking this wild journey with me. One thing I realized this past year is how important it is to connect with people, even if it’s just the guy or girl you often spot at your favorite coffee shop. While staying home last year, those were the small moments I missed the most. It’s also been interesting to see the different paths some of my friends took. Some friends I was super close to feel farther away, and others stayed connected and we became closer.

I also realized I literally don’t ever get tired of hanging with my husband, and as we start to do work and hang with others I miss just being with him. Is that weird!? Haha. I’m excited for this new chapter of life with my family and couldn’t be more ready for it! I’m also excited to jump back into work and share those moments with juju. Thanks again for making this day so special.