Ashley’s Go-To Cinnamon Energy Balls Recipe

02.26.2021 — Ashley

Hi everyone! I’ve noticed that you all have been asking for more of my favorite recipes, so I thought I’d share a quick little snack that I like to make. During my pregnancy, I’ve felt super tired on some days and these cinnamon energy balls really help! They’re super simple and easy to make, and obviously delicious. While I’m not a huge fan of dates, I learned that they have some amazing benefits for pregnancy and the flavors of cinnamon and maple syrup give these energy balls the perfect hint of sweetness. Take a look below for the final result! Don’t they look so good!?

  1. Add your oats to a food processor to grind them up.
  2. Add your dates to a food processor to create a thick dough-like combination
  3. Add in your maple syrup and cinnamon
  4. Once you have the mixture of all the ingredients, roll it into balls with your hands.
  5. If you’d like top them off with more cinnamon!