Introducing My New Passion Project: Frenshe Interiors

03.04.2021 — Ashley

We were looking to move to our dream area over the last couple of years and when we got the chance we jumped at it even though the house was falling apart. The house was off-market but had been fully renovated in 2015, however in 2018 sadly the house was in poor condition as the owners didn’t do any work or maintenance.

We walked into a home that had sadly been forgotten, the couple was getting divorced and I think the house suffered as well. There were pieces of the wood floor missing in rooms, leaking walls from leaking windows and weird design choices like painting the beautiful gazebo and window trim white so the house had no dimension. We realized this was not what we expected and it was gonna be a huge undertaking but with my dad, Michael Tisdale, being a contractor (and us not afraid of renovating) we were excited to bring this house back to life.

We redid the roofs, we redid the windows that were troubled and waterproofed them. We put in steel doors and European oak floors to modernize the home but still keeping the character of the house intact. The kitchen wasn’t even a kitchen when we moved in, it had some mold issues we needed to get rid of before moving so lights were hanging and cabinets were completely torn out. We used a small IKEA kitchenette for a year while the actual kitchen was being done, All while living in the home and partly quarantined. It came out beautiful but the experience of living through this project and the last house (that’s 4 years in construction) took a toll on me.

Quarantine taught me there is no such thing as a “dream area” to live and our priorities shifted when I got pregnant. All my years renovating I have always loved being creative but didn’t realize how I’m not a fan of the process. Having managed this renovation on top of two tv series and a pandemic it is time to let it go and have a new buyer enjoy what we did. Getting ready for a baby can often change things and I’m ready to allow more peace into my life on the home front so I can be more present in my life for my family. Wanted to share with you this amazing property, it truly is magical. The kitchen was designed by my dad and me while in the living room/dining room I had the pleasure of working with interior designers, Pierce and Ward. This place will always hold a special place in my heart during such a crazy time! I’ve recently started an Instagram where I’ll share all my interior design jobs and knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years so give it a follow! @Frensheinteriors