The Best Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

12.18.2020 — The Frenshe Editors

So you’ve all gotten your holiday shopping done, right?! Just kidding—we know how that goes. Life gets in the way of things, especially in 2020! A lot of people had to put holiday shopping on the back burner and that’s TOTALLY fine. We’ve got your back! The Frenshe team put their heads together and compiled a last-minute gift guide for everyone who simply just hasn’t had the time. Whether you need a gift for your significant other, roommate, parents, or your pet, we found something for everyone. Enjoy!

For her

If you didn’t have time to buy a gift for your BFF, roommate, partner, sister, etc. we have the perfect list down below. Whether they’re a homebody (who isn’t this year!?), a wine-O, or a beauty lover, they’ll love these!

Crazy Lady Fuzzy Slippers: $21

Clearly 2020 is all about staying comfortable and cozy. So who wouldn’t love to throw on a pair of fluffy slippers as they get things done around the house or simply lounge around? These are like a cloud for your feet!


Sugar Lips Best Sellers Lip Tin: $39


Who wouldn’t want one of the best-selling lip balms ever as a holiday gift!? This set comes with six (!!!) different tins of Fresh’s Sugar Lip ranging from sheer pink to bold blackberry. Oh, and we can’t fail to mention they’re clean lip balms.

Winc Wine One-Month Subscription: $60

If you’re not familiar with different wines, trying new ones can be a little intimidating. Winc wines makes that easy! The subscription-based model sense different wines to your home for you to try based on your preferences. This is perfect for anyone who’s trying to expand their wine collection and get familiar with some new ones.

Photon Skin Rejuvenation Face & Neck Mask $100

At this point it’s likely that you seen these funky masks grace your Instagram feed. Light therapy can help you for a variety of different reasons! While blue light is great for acne, red light is great for inflammation, and yellow is great for evening out your skin tone. So, why not have a mask that does it all!? The beauty aficionado in your life will love this one.

For Him

Shopping for men feels like it never gets easier, so allow us to take the stress away. We’re keeping it simple with some essentials that they’ll be so grateful for, including some tech and grooming goodies. Consider these an option for your beau, brother, or male BFF.

3-in-1 Charging Station $22

Let’s be real–this is probably a great gift for anyone with a smart phone but the guys will LOVE it! This makes everyone’s life so much easier when it comes to charging up all the gadgets including their AirPods and smart watches. Now that a lot of us are working from home it’s helpful to have all of your electronics charging right by your side as you work at your desk!

Birchbox ‘You Time’ Grooming Kit $58

Men deserve to have great grooming products too! gift a man in your life one of Birchbox’s kits and they’ll thank you forever. There’s absolutely no way they won’t want to renew this once it’s over!

Ray Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses $154

One gift that you can never go wrong with is a great pair of shades. The classic Ray-Ban aviators are a must have for any guy! The sleek simple style goes with any luck that’s dressed up or just down–trust us.

For Mom

As we get older we all learn to appreciate our moms so much more. While she’ll appreciate literally any gift that’s given to her get your mom some thing a little bit more personal and meaningful especially in 2020.

Lemome 2021 Weekly & Monthly Planner: $23

The only thing that we all can do collectively is look forward, right? So, why not get your mom a great planner to help look towards the future? It’ll help get her excited about what’s to come and it’ll actually make her think about some things that she wants to do in the new year give him that life heads back to some “normalcy”.

NEST Amalfi Lemon & Mint Classic Candle: $40

Everyone’s home deserves a warm and welcoming candle. This cold favorite brand has cents for days but this one is a total with her according to the reviews and positive ratings. Mom will absolutely love a new candle!

ZonLi Heavy Weighted Blanket: $80

Weighted blankets are said to help with a variety of different things. With 2020 being such a tough year, it’s good to get some thing to help calm everyone down, but especially our parents who’ve been through enough. A weighted blanket can help keep mom a little bit more calm as we navigate through these difficult times.

For Dad

We know, we know, dads can be so hard to read. On top of that they literally never tell us What they’d like as a gift so it feels like a mind game when it comes to picking one–don’t worry we’ve got your back.

Good Manors Living Plaid Throw Blanket: $24

Dad’s love cozying up and watching TV marathons like no other. So why not make it a better experience for them? Got your dad a cozy blanket or throw for all of their binge watching in 2021 and beyond.

Paksh Glass Decanter and Whiskey Glasses Set: $43

There’s just something about decanters that are so chic! This set that also includes whiskey glasses is the perfect gift for dad. We’ve really met a dad who doesn’t love whiskey or at least doesn’t pretend to! He’ll be stoked about this.

Bose QuietComfort 35 || Headphones: $269

Dads love being in their zone. Some noise canceling headphones will literally help keep them there (lol!). These Bose headphones have had reviews for years and they’re known to not let a single peep get through them. Dad will really appreciate you for this one!

For Pet

Catit Eco Cat Toy, Seagrass Cylinder, $4

Your cat deserves to have all the fun in the world, but safely. This eco-friendly toy does just that! Plus, it’s under five bucks.

Franklin Pet Supply Non-Toxic Dog Rope Toys, $15

The same goes for your pup. These hemp rope toys are safe for them to chew on and play around with all day long! They’ll absolutely love them.

Park Life Designs Medium Pet Bowl, $19

Since our pets deserve only the best, why not upgrade their bowls? This cute but simple holiday gift it’s some thing they’ll notice and appreciate every single day.

Precision Pet Log Cabin, $170

If you’re able to splurge for your pet, this log cabin is such a cute idea for a yard or open space for them to make their own home.Ville seriously appreciate having their own designated spot!

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The Frenshe Editors