The Best Telehealth Services of 2021

03.18.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

We’ve had to alter a ton of things over the past year, including our health check-ups and visits. If we’re being honest, 2020 taught us that a lot of our daily routine can be done virtually, and that includes consultations and doctor’s appointments—with exceptions of course. The Frenshe team has relied on telehealth services for everything from migraine medication refills to primary health check-ups and even therapy. While it seems like life is slowly starting to get back to how we knew it, we don’t blame you for avoiding waiting rooms and doctor’s offices for as long as possible. Ahead, we’re sharing some of our go-to telehealth services for putting your health first, virtually.

Hello Alpha

Alpha offers a variety of different health services. The offers range from primary health to women’s health to skin, hair, mental health, and even pediatrics. Alpha can treat over 50 medical conditions online with licensed professionals and affordable options. Single visits start at $15, plus free shipping for all medications, while memberships begin at a flat rate of $99 for unlimited messaging with professionals.


Our managing editor is a particularly big fan of Nurx after suffering from migraines for years. Migraine medication hasn’t always been easy to access and often required the referral of a neurologist, but the app connects you with licensed professionals and offers medication at an affordable price. Nurx also offers birth control options, STI testing, acne treatment, and medication for genital and oral herpes.

The Pill Club

Another great option for birth control prescriptions and delivery. The Pill Club also offers birth control at a price of $0 for those with health insurance, and your delivery comes with extra goodies to help get you through PMS and other menstrual symptoms. For those who don’t have health insurance, the Pill Club prescriptions start at $9—some of the lowest we’ve ever seen.


Another go-to for the Frenshe team, Apostrophe is so efficient for dermatology help right at home. After sending through a series of photos and answering an in-depth questionnaire, a licensed dermatologist provides you with medication prescriptions (if needed) and a detailed skincare regime to target your exact concerns.

For Hers

For Hers offers all-around care for women, including skin, hair, primary care, mental health, and sexual health services. The company can help with everything from bronchitis and pneumonia to UTIs, pink eye, asthma, migraines, sinus infections, and so much more. Upon a mental health screening, users can also be prescribed medication for anxiety and depression. And yes, For Hims is also available for men’s health concerns.

Better Help

While there are a lot of mental health apps and services available virtually now, Better Help really stepped up to the plate by offering slashed prices and discounts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic affected everyone one way or another, but mental health struggles skyrocketed in 2020. Better Help offers weekly video sessions, unlimited messaging, and more with its different membership plans.


We can call Teladoc one of the O.G.’s of virtual healthcare. It offers a variety of different healthcare and wellness services all done virtually. If you have health insurance under an employer, Teladoc could possibly be part of your plan. Check in with your human resources department for more information!

It’ll still take some time for life to go back to “normal”, but that doesn’t mean that your health and wellness needs should be put at stake. Explore these affordable and virtual options to stay on top of your health and target any mental health struggles along the way as well.

The Frenshe Editors