How to Maximize Your At-Home Workouts with Cassey Ho

01.22.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

At-home workouts are the norm now, but sometimes our motivation is just not there. The truth is, when living during a global pandemic, it’s okay if you’re not always productive! But, if you’re looking for that extra push, we spoke to our friend Cassey Ho, founder of Blogilates, for some inspiration. We spoke to her about shifting your mindset, understanding your fitness goals, and her brand-new product line at Target!

FRENSHE: Cassey, can you tell us a bit about yourself, and how you got started in the fitness industry?

Cassey Ho: I was 16, and I was watching an infomercial on TV. It happened to be Mari Winsor teaching and selling her Pilates DVDs. I got really interested and asked my parents if they could buy me a set. When they finally gave in, I did that DVD religiously after school every single day. Then when I got to college I was still doing Pilates, and some of my floormates were like, “What’s that? Can you teach us?” So, I informally taught them in the common area. Then I was browsing for some after school side hustles, and I saw there was an opening for a Pilates instructor position for a gym down the street. I went ahead and went to the audition even though I wasn’t certified. I didn’t tell them that. But after my audition, the gym owner wanted to offer me the position but found out I wasn’t certified. She actually offered to pay for my certification, and that’s how I got into the fitness industry. I was a freshman in college.

F: What do you love the most about fitness and being active?

CH: I love the way it makes me feel! I just feel invincible, powerful, and like I can do anything. That’s why I start every morning with a workout!

F: Your online audience is in the millions. What was your secret to making it big on social media?

CH: Being authentic, being me, and not being afraid to show my flaws. Being vulnerable, while also, wanting to teach people how to become the best versions of themselves also plays a huge part. It was never about internet fame, money, or anything else. When I started in 2009 there wasn’t any of that! It really was just sharing workouts with people who wanted to work out with me.

Courtesy of Blogilates for Target

F: We’re nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and at-home workouts are more popular than ever. How does one shift their mindset to staying motivated from home, versus going to the gym?

CH: For me, it’s all about making fitness your priority. When something is a priority I write it down. Whether it’s on my to-do list, or in my calendar, my workout has to be written down, so it doesn’t just fall to the back of my head, and it becomes the last thing I want to do in the day. It is the first thing that I want to do in the day. It has a time. I know what I’m going to do, so it’s like an appointment and a date. That’s how you stay motivated—you make it a priority.

That’s how you stay motivated—you make it a priority.”

F: What are some essentials that everyone needs to have a successful at-home workout?

CH: I think a mental essential that everyone should have is a really strong reason as to why you’re working out. If you know why you’re working out (i.e. you want to get stronger, feel happier, be more confident, etc.) something like that is going to pull you through any workout, whether it’s at home or the gym. Now, if we’re talking about physical essentials I think having a yoga mat is essential. I am a Pilates instructor, so that is really essential for me. If you don’t have any weights at home, that’s okay. Resistance bands are good, and you can even use water bottles, wine bottles, or cans of organic pumpkin for weights. Having your phone or computer, and access to YouTube is a really easy way to have access to tons of free workout videos. A device to play music on in great too!

F: You now have your own fitness line at Target. Can you tell us how that came about?

Courtest of Blogilates for Target

CH: Well, it was one year ago when I was approached with the opportunity to pitch my products to Target. I honestly didn’t think it was going to happen, but I gave it my all, I designed some things that I thought would do really well and things that I wanted. Things like gold, super chic dumbbells, and others from my current store, blogilates.com, that have done well over the years. I got the call that Target wanted to stock all of their stores in the United States with Blogilates’ product, and we had to get to work really fast to get it all in time for a December launch. Since we’ve launched, we’ve been selling out! I’m really excited to keep designing. 

F: You’re also a body positivity advocate. Why is it important for you to spread the message as a fitness guru?

CH: It’s important for me to spread the message of body positivity as a fitness guru because fitness is not just about vanity. It’s about how you feel, and your body is so much more than your fat percentage and your weight—it’s about what it can do. That’s where my positivity for my body comes from. It’s about focusing on my skills, my talents, my evolution as a human, my growth as a human. 

F: If someone is getting started on their fitness journey, which one of your workouts should they try first?

CH: Well, if you go on blogilates.com, I have a beginner’s workout calendar! They can go there to download the calendar. It’s absolutely free, and they can follow that program for 28 days. It will get them stronger from day one all the way to the final day, and it’ll feel good to be able to progress little by little every single day.

The Frenshe Five

 What’s something toxic you’re trying to get rid of in your life? I am trying to get rid of people who suck up my energy.

How do you keep yourself balanced? This is something I’m still working on because I’m kind of an obsessive person. When I get really into something, I get really into something, and I just go super hardcore. But in general, what does keep me balanced when I get a little too crazy is a really good deep tissue massage and baking. Both are very therapeutic for me. And of course, spending time with my husband, talking things out.

One health or beauty trend you’ll never do again? Keto, because I tried that, and I got severe headaches. I got super dehydrated, and I had zero energy to do my workouts. It really just wasn’t for me. Plus, I really like fruits and vegetables, so I just cannot do that.

Top three favorite skin products? I’m a very simple person, but Vaseline for my lips, a really light water-based moisturizer for my skin. I love the Belif Aqua Bomb as my moisturizer.

And quote you live by? “Give yourself the 100% chance to succeed.” Basically, what that means is go all in, don’t hold back, and then say, “Well, I could have. I should have, and then regret it.” No. Go all in, and if you fail at least you knew that you gave it your entire best shot. 

Lead Images: Instagram/@blogilates, Courtesy of Blogites for Target
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