How to Stay Connected with Family This Holiday Season

12.21.2020 — The Frenshe Editors

With only a few days left in the year and the holiday season officially wrapping up, it’s an emotional time, to say the least. None of us thought we’d still be living our lives this way in December, and not surrounded by our close circles. With holiday travel being limited or completely removed, it can be hard to stay positive, and we’re running through these emotions right there with you. If there’s one thing we can give 2020 credit for, it’s helping us find new and non-traditional ways to stay connected and keep the celebrations going—although we stopped dressing up for Zoom calls, right? Or is that just us!? We all deserve to have at least a bit of holiday cheer this year, so we compiled a list of ways to stay connected over the next couple of days, and treat yourself a long the way. Keep your heads up!

Check in Daily

Holidays aren’t meant to be spent alone, but if that’s the case for you or any of your loved ones, make checking in with them a habit. Emotions are higher than ever, and we should all take the time to ensure that everyone’s hanging in there. A simple phone call or text message can really help lift someone’s spirits and shows that you’re thinking of them—wouldn’t you want the same? Trust us, we know it’s just not the same as sitting at the table and enjoying your signature family dishes, but we can all agree that health is of the utmost importance this year. Give someone a little nudge each day over the next week, we know they’ll appreciate it more than you know. 

Make it Virtual

We know, we know. We’re tired of Zoom calls too, but they’re totally different when it’s time to celebrate rather than work. Right!? Zoom and FaceTime might be a part of everyday lives now, but we have to give technology props for keeping us connected with people everywhere. If you’re not spending time with family in person, make it a virtual gathering! It’s so much better than not seeing anyone at all. Enjoy a meal together, play some games, have a few drinks, laugh, and make some not-so-traditional memories. 

Treat Yourself

What’s one thing you really enjoy doing with your family each year? If it’s a favorite dish, try making it for yourself. If you all bake together, whip out your baking sheets and treat your sweet tooth. No matter what it is, don’t eliminate the parts about the holidays that you love so much if you can still enjoy them yourself. We know it’s not the same, but why skip out on what makes the holidays what they are for you? If you’re throwing on your chef’s hat, spread the love by gifting any extras to neighbors and friends who are also staying home!


Let’s be honest, did we ever think we’d see the end of this year!? It sure didn’t feel like it. Take the time to reflect with your loved ones about the things you learned this year and what 2020 made you appreciate so much more. We can all agree that we saw light in the little things and realized that we didn’t appreciate everything we did before going into quarantine. The holidays in general can be a big cause for familial stress, over-scheduling, overspending, work demands, and so on, but this year what really matters is taking some time to relax and reset. We conquered a lot this year, and that deserves some acknowledgment of its own. 

The holidays are going to look a lot different this year, but different doesn’t have to mean bad. Let’s roll with the punches, embrace the next few days with open arms, and focus on connecting and staying safe. After all, we’re still in this together. 

Happy Holidays!

-Team Frenshe

The Frenshe Editors