How to Prepare for the Last Mercury Retrograde of 2021

08.23.2021 — Dylan Schoeben

This post was written by Dylan Schoeben, Creator of Doses Of Astrology  

Yep, we have another Mercury Retrograde coming our way in 2021 and this time it’s in Libra! This retrograde will occur between September 26th – October 18th and here’s everything you need to know based on your rising sign. 

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury, the planet that governs our minds, wants us to think, fix, and communicate. When Mercury retrogrades, our minds slow down, messages can get lost, and as a result, we can be more reactive, frustrated and easily annoyed. 

The best advice I can give to someone regarding Mercury Retrograde is to LAUGH IT OFF! The more you feed into the retrograde, the more it will impact you. For example: it’s a Monday morning, you are about to log into your work computer, and your computer won’t turn on. You have no idea what the problem is. You have a meeting in 5 minutes. Your heart is pacing really fast… you want to scream at the top of your lungs but you remember that you read an article about the retrograde. What do you do? 


I promise the universe will reward you. Either your meeting will get postponed, the tech guy will fix the problem and ultimately, your computer will work again. 


So now let’s get to science.

First and foremost, Mercury, the planet, doesn’t actually move backwards. It just appears that way because a few times a year it moves faster than the earth. If you were in a car and then another car drove past you, you could see that it was going faster. However, if the other car started to slow down and you, then passed it, you would perceive the car as moving backwards. 

This is what’s happening with the planets. Essentially, Mercury appears to be moving backwards from Earth’s perspective. 

With that being said, look at your birth chart with current transits and locate Libra’s constellation. You will find that Mercury is transiting where Libra is located. If that’s too complicated, find your rising sign below and read about how you can best prepare for this three week period

Aries Rising 

This three week retrograde period is here to help you become a better partner.  Time to come out of hiding and work with your partner (whether business or intimate) on ways that you can improve. You may find that you are realizing why you may be more dependent or why you are more self-sufficient. This will be a period where old partners may come out of nowhere. You are being called to reflect on the lessons this person taught you and whether or not you actually learned them. This is not a time to start a relationship rather to explore why your past relationships have succeeded or failed. Again, this can be either personal or business. The key is that this is a time to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned from the one on one relationships in your life.  

Taurus Rising

You are being called to evaluate your daily work habits. What do you do with your time on a daily basis? Do you have structure? Do you have daily goals that you try to execute? During this time, you may get easily frustrated because your schedule can change out of nowhere. Problems can arise at work or at home. The key here is to truly laugh and not get annoyed. Flow with the disruption. Check in with your health as well. This is an incredible time to focus your energy on fitness activities where you can release the stress. 

Gemini Rising   

During this three week period you are being asked to reflect on yourself. Are you taking the time to know who you are on an individual basis? Let go of the job title or the resume you have worked so hard for. Ask yourself, WHO AM I? What makes me the happiest person? Do that.  This is a time to get in touch with your inner child.  This retrograde period is asking you to find time for fun and pleasure. Go on that road trip you never took. You may also find that you want to have fun but nothing is working out the way you want it to. Be flexible! You may plan a road trip but something gets in the way like your car battery dies. Call AAA and turn some music on while you wait. The key is to let the universe know that you are patient. You can handle anything!

Cancer Rising

This is a time where you are being asked to get in touch with your foundation, your roots, your family and anything that brings you back home. This is a time where your past may sneak in. If you have any traumas with parents or grandparents, this is a time to make peace with them. The universe is asking you to think about what family means to you? How comfortable do you feel at home? What are the challenges? How can they be resolved? I wouldn’t make any drastic changes right now but I would definitely meditate on what changes need to be made so that you feel more grounded in your being. 

Leo Rising

You my friends might struggle a little more than others during this retrograde period. This retrograde period will highlight areas of life where you communicate. Your mind will be very active and you will want to discuss your ideas with friends, siblings, coworkers and any other people involved in your life. Being that you thrive off of self expression and creativity, don’t be alarmed if you aren’t able to express those thoughts as easily as you usually do. Mercury retrograde makes it so messages aren’t as easily transferred so be conscientious of your intentions behind the message. Slow down and be deliberate with what you are trying to convey. When faced with adversity, laugh and just remember this too shall pass. 

Virgo Rising

You, my friend, are ruled by Mercury. When the planet retrogrades it can affect you in the strangest of ways. While Mercury transits the Libra constellation, you might find that your security is being tested. Ask yourself what makes you feel safe? Is it money? Is it your home? Is it your partner? You might find that during this time you are being tested. Income may slow down or there could be an unexpected bill. Of course, you want to prevent anything from disrupting your system but unfortunately, you just have to let whatever happens happen. Trust that there is a reason for the unexpected bill. The universe is testing you to see how you will react. Money is energy. You must let it flow in and out of your life. Trust that you are safe.

Libra Rising

While Mercury retrogrades in the sign of Libra,  who you are and how you perceive yourself will come to the forefront of your mind. You will evaluate your appearance and what you stand for. However, definitely don’t change anything during this time. Rather, think about what you love about yourself. Do you like what you wear? Is it time for a wardrobe facelift? If you are having doubts about your ability to succeed, realize that this retrograde period is asking you to consider how you spend your time. Again, this is not a period to take action rather to reflect on how you assert yourself. Who do you surround yourself with? Do you give too much of your time to others? Are you spending enough time on yourself? If not, make some more time for you! 

Scorpio Rising 

During this three week period, it will be best to pay attention to your subconscious. This is a time to connect with your inner spiritual being. It’s time to tap into the universe via prayer or meditation. You may find that you want to discuss your thoughts with a therapist in order to interpret what is going on within. DO IT! Although, you would want to meet this person before the retrograde period begins, if someone falls into your lap, take it as a sign.  Another way to make the most out of this time is to provide SELFLESS LOVE. Give without needing to receive. Being that Mercury is in the sign of Libra, try to be of service to people who could use your energy. Trust your intuition. 

Sagittarius Rising 

During this period, you may find that you slow down and focus more on the people you surround yourself with and the goals that you set. It’s going to be less about you and more about everyone else. How are you adding value to the groups or associations that you are a part of? This is not a time to create new goals or to find new groups to be a part of but more a time for reflection. Do you feel like you surround yourself with people who share the same values as you? Why or Why not? Despite Mercury transiting Libra, you may find that you don’t want to socialize. This could be a signal that it’s time to channel your mental energy into how you give back or want to give back. Retrograde periods are great for brainstorming. Then, once it ends, make a decision on the charities and/or non profits you want to be part of. 

Capricorn Rising 

During this retrograde period, you will be challenged in areas of your life where you thrive. CAREER. Take this as an opportunity to take a break. You may feel like you had all this momentum and now things have slowed down. That is okay. You have a strong desire for perfection. This three week period is asking you to lower your expectations and connect more with your personal goals. This is not the time to make a career change. Rather, this is a time to brainstorm. If an authority figure challenges you, don’t be reactive. Let them get whatever they need to say off their chest, and then go on with your day. All you can do is control yourself. Breathe and walk away should be the mantra during Mercury Retrograde. 

Aquarius Rising

During this three week retrograde period it will be important for you to take some time researching ways in which you can open your mind. This will be a period where you will ask yourself what is the meaning of life. Sounds deep, I know, but you want to make sure you are learning and opening yourself up to all the possibilities! Grab a book or take a trip to another city. Things at work may slow down trust that this is because you are asked to reflect on your beliefs system. Focus on your values and how you want to make the most out of your life. 

Pisces Rising

Dear Pisces Rising, this three week period will be intense for you.  This is a time where your past traumas may come to the forefront of your mind. Did anyone hurt you? Change your perspective? Create fear? This could be a great time to work with a therapist to resolve any triggers you may have. Don’t be frustrated. This is an incredible opportunity to uncover the why. As Mercury transits your 8th house of shared resources, you may also be asked to think about how to share your wealth with your partner. This is not a time to take out a mortgage or make any investment decisions, rather to think about how you can be more efficient with your joint resources. Also you may find that you want to explore your intimacy more. When two people come together in an intimate setting, lots of our deepest and darkest secrets can come up. Explore them.  This three-week period could be immensely transformational. 


Dylan Schoeben