Your Frenshe Weekly Reading List

05.05.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

Here at Frenshe, we’re here to dive into a variety of different topics, all based on the interests of our community. If you’re just joining us, we’d like to welcome you to explore some stories we’ve already published, and if you’ve been here for a while, we invite you to check them out anyway! This week, we’re sharing some posts where we’ve covered mental health relating to the pandemic, motherhood, setting boundaries, and more. Enjoy!

The Importance of Setting Boundaries and Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About It

Boundary Setting Terri Cole

Boundary-setting expert, Terri Cole, discusses how we can all set healthy boundaries and feel good about them.

What No One Tells You About the “Fourth Trimester”

Ashley’s first-person piece on what she’s been through since giving birth to baby Jupiter.

How the Pandemic Has Influenced Drinking Habits

We dive into how the pandemic has influenced drinking habits and the reasons behind the spark.

8 Tips to Take Care of Your Health as a New Mom

New moms need to make time to take care of themselves too. Here are eight tips for prioritizing your health as a mama.

The Truth About Accepting and Loving My Pregnant Body

Ashley gets candid about appreciating and loving her pregnant body, paired with beautiful shots from her maternity shoot.

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The Frenshe Editors