Functional Beverages

Functional Beverages: What Are They and What Do They Do?

04.29.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

Last month, we discussed how the pandemic affected people’s drinking habits significantly. We’d like to say that we were floored by the stats, but the panic and the anxiety surrounding it made the boost in booze sales less than surprising. Those of us who don’t drink have heard of functional or euphoric beverages for quite some time now, but as people switch up their habits, these are becoming more mainstream. Because of these, it’s possible to get that freeing feeling we get after a couple of cocktails without the morning regret that follows. We spoke to Jen Batchelor, founder, and CEO of Kin Euphorics, the trendy adult beverage minus the alcohol to discuss the topic some more.

Frenshe: Can you tell us more about how the idea of Kin came to life?

Jen Batchelor: My own curiosity coupled with a few new non-negotiables. Mainly, I wanted to stop subscribing to a culture that wanted me numb all the time to have “fun” and so I kept asking “what else?” How can we add to this conversation rather than walk away from it as one might through the choice of abstinence? I still wanted to have fun, but what kind of fun? 

The aha moment was realizing that we all said we drank to “relax” yet not a single social drinker seemed to acknowledge that the brain is responsible for 100% of the moods we feel. And I don’t just mean the brain in our heads—by now we are all very versed in the mind-gut connection, the importance of healthy hormone balance, etc. For example, did you know 90% of our serotonin is produced in the belly? Then why do we only think of the liver when we talk about alcohol? What we drink matters to the mind.

Enter Kin, the world’s first collection of non-alcoholic drinks to bring brain care to the baror wherever you choose to let loose. 

The aha moment was realizing that we all said we drank to “relax” yet not a single social drinker seemed to acknowledge that the brain is responsible for 100% of the moods we feel.”

F: How can Kin reinvent one of the oldest traditions—drinking?

JB: For starters, Kin is the first true, commercially viable, innovation of a 10,000-year-old social drinking ritual otherwise centered on alcohol. Where other “alcohol alternatives” focused on substituting flavors of your favorite libations, we spent our time reverse-engineering the feelings we wanted to achieve in any given social occasion. That’s not to say we set out to make you feel drunk. We actually found that after surveying 3500+ people who were after the same goals as us, none of us particularly loved the feeling of being drunk, sloppy, disconnected, and less than. We wanted to feel alive, vibrant, and conversational. “Dancey” was a term that came up often.

So, we bottled the two main components required for any feel-good mood: brain-nourishing nootropics that replenished our bliss molecules together with social adaptogens. We were the first to marry the two components, from two seemingly opposite schools of thought, and bottle them for a deliciously sippable elevated experience.

I wanted to give consumers the power to make a conscious choice at the bar (and beyond) that would benefit their brain, body, and spirit. Euphorics are a way for people to seek communion over shared drinks and interests, without hurting their minds, hearts, skin, integrity, or endocrine systems. I’ve made it my mission to bring this solution to every human. 

F: Can you tell us some more about the science behind Kin and its “feel good” effects?

JB: Before my work at Kin, I spent a period of my life studying Ayurveda, which is the world’s oldest form of holistic healing.  Shortly after, I met my co-founder Matt, who is an expert in the western world of nootropics. We came together to marry our specialties and cultivated a stack of balancing nootropics, adaptogens, and botanics. And voila, Kin Euphorics was born. From day 1, we were on a mission to design products to support the brain, body, and spirit in mind, rather than deplete them. 


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At Kin, we designed our beverages like a stereo. There’s a product for every mood and shift throughout your day. Since launch, we’ve focused on the “Tune Up” (High Rhode and Kin Spritz) and “Tune Down” (Dream Light). We have a new ready-to-sip on the horizon launching in May to complete our bliss spectrum with more on the horizon throughout 2021.  Peep our website to be first on the list. 

F: Do you think functional beverages like Kin are what the future has in store for us?

JB: I look at functional beverages as not the holy grail, but as additive components to a conscious lifestyle and sound wellness regiment. But it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. People come to Kin because they realize we are no longer at a point in our interconnected world where we can consume without considering the implications these choices have on our mind, body, spirit, and human relationships.

Visit the Kin Euphorics website to try the fan-favorite drinks today!

The Frenshe Editors