My Experience with Gluten-Free Living

10.19.2020 — Ashley

I know I know you get the news that you might have gluten sensitivities. it could be the wheat that is sometimes in gluten, or you are just gluten intolerant (symptoms for this is short term bloating and belly pain). Gluten also plays a role in Celiac disease, but I’m not a doctor and don’t know enough about the disease to speak on it from my perspective. However, what I can talk about is that I have been borderline Hashimoto’s for years, which is when your antibodies are attacking your thyroid. So, basically, your body is attacking itself. One of the first things doctors say is to eliminate gluten and dairy. Now, I’ve been dairy-free for five years so that wasn’t a problem. But gluten?? That’s like my favorite thing!

I’m like the Oprah Winfrey commercial yelling I LOVE BREAD!!! With Hashimoto’s gluten can be a trigger because it creates inflammation throughout your body. I’ve done some spiritual work on asking my body why it’s attacking itself, and I do have to say there is a connection on how hard I used to be on myself in the past. Mentally, I used to beat myself up and not have compassion when I was going through something difficult. It’s so important to be gentle with ourselves! As you can see, it can literally mess with our health. I would never let someone else be that hard on me so why would I allow myself to be that way? That’s another reason why I’ve been on this path of self-love. In the past, I was such a perfectionist, and the way I spoke to myself created health issues. The bottom line is that we need to be better to ourselves and our bodies.

So, that’s why I chose to cut out my favorite thing (gluten) from my diet. I’m not always perfect, and I do have some nights where if chicken is breaded I might let it slide, but I try to stay on the road of gluten-free. The thing is, when you open yourself up to the world of no gluten there’s a whole other world of delicious, healthy options! Here are some of my favorites below!

“When you open yourself up to the world of no gluten there’s a whole other world of delicious, healthy options!”

Anything Simple Mills. Simple Mills is made with almond flour and they have a range of everything from cookies to artisan bread (super easy to make) to yummy muffins!

When you’re craving sushi opt for gluten-free Tamari sauce rather than soy sauce. I always keep this in my pantry, but most sushi restaurants have this option for you as well!

Instead of reaching for whole wheat wraps or tortillas, you can get Siete tortillas. The brand makes these with cassava flour and almond flour. They are also corn-free which a lot of people have a sensitivity to.

Also PIZZA! Yes, pizza. There are so many gluten-free pizza options available at restaurants now, but also at the grocery store. The brand Amy’s has a really good dairy-free and gluten-free pizza in the frozen aisle.

If you’re new to the world of gluten-free, I highly suggest doing the work to finding recipes online. Pinterest is an amazing resource for gluten-free recipes, and they all look so delicious that you’ll barely notice you’re making a substitution. The internet is your friend when it comes to this lifestyle!

I hope that my list above and experience gives you hope and some yummy options to try. Just know I’m in this with you!