5 Cooking Accounts You Should Be Following on TikTok

06.16.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

Looking for easy-to-make, healthy, and delicious recipes? We sure are. Thanks to social media finding recipe ideas and healthier alternatives is easier than ever. If you’re looking to incorporate some new tasty and clean additions to your weekly menus, TikTok is definitely the place to start looking right now. Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite creators who make recipes for all lifestyles with health in mind. From vegan bowls to gluten-free noodles and more, these cooking accounts do it all.


@skinnytasteWhat do you like on your poke bowl? This is the closest I’ve been to Hawaii in a long time, I think I need to book a trip very soon 🌴♬ Over the Rainbow – Ukulele Version – Acoustic Guitar Revival

New York Times best-selling author and food expert, Gina Homolka, has taken her talents to TikTok. Not only does she have millions of followers who replicate her recipes, but she also brings healthy favorites like ceviche, scrambles, and so much more to her audience’s tables.


@erekasfoodVEGGIE FARRO BOWL for the lunchtime win! ##vegetarian ##simplerecipe ##ricebowl♬ Leave The Door Open – Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak & Silk Sonic

Ereka Vetrini never fails to amaze us with her spin on some of our favorite foods. From pasta to salads and even cocktails, she’ll make you want to try whatever she makes, ASAP.


@lizmoodyyes i’m a healthy cookbook author and i mostly hate salad ##WhatWouldPopTartsDo ##summerrecipes ##tiktokwellness ##simplerecipe ##cookingtiktok♬ This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan

Here at Frenshe, we love smoothies. We know you do too! Liz makes some of our favorite recipes including those to help ease digestion and start our morning off right. She also makes the most fun salads, sandwiches, and more to introduce new options to our kitchens.


@iamtabithabrownFishless tacos using hearts of palm😋 ##vegan ##tabithabrown ##fishlesstacos♬ original sound – Tabitha Brown

Tabitha’s personality and mentor-like spirit are enough to make us scroll endlessly down her feed. But her recipes deserve all the kudos too. She offers unique plant-based options for some of our favorite foods.


@veggiekinsbánh canh inspired but with cassava flour 🍜 broth recipe in an older video ##vegan ##glutenfree ##veganrecipes ##tiktokrecipes ##asmr ##foodtiktok ##paleo♬ Egyptian Pools – Jinsang

Vegan, gluten-free, and a whole lot of matcha are the type of recipes you’ll find on Remy (aka Veggiekins) page. From udon noodles to pizza and more, her recipes have us flocking to the grocery store.

The Frenshe Editors