Team Frenshe’s July Beauty Picks

07.05.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

Here at Frenshe, we’re big beauty buffs and we love sharing the latest and greatest of skincare, makeup, body care, etc. with you. This month the team is highlighting some of their top beauty picks for July. It’s never easy for us to choose just one product—our vanities are ever-changing! Ahead, you’ll learn more about our favorite body lotions, oils, and more.

“Currently, I’ve been loving Youth To The People’s Superberry Hydrate + Dream Glow Oil. It instantly hydrates my skin while giving it a natural glow. It also helps reduce any redness I may be experiencing on my sensitive skin. This is a must-have in my skincare routine, especially for days when I go makeup-free.”-Gabrielle, Social Media Manager

“The Flamingo Daily Moisturizing Lotion blends in effortlessly and you need minimal product for the ultimate moisture. I also like that the scent is really soft, and it’s more affordable compared to a lot of other lotions I’ve bought in the past! The bottle is HUGE, this will definitely last me for a few months.”-Andrea, Managing Editor

“My current favorite is the Supergoop Glow Oil. It’s important to apply sunscreen year-round, but especially so in the summer months. This sunscreen oil is my favorite because it’s lightweight and easy to apply but still has SPF 50 protection and leaves me feeling and looking super dewy and glowy. It also smells SO good.”-Caitlin, Social Media Director


The Frenshe Editors