How I Learned to Truly Love Myself, and How You Can Too

08.26.2020 — Ashley

What does it mean to truly love yourself?

I’ve been on this journey for a while. I’m a perfectionist, and in the past have been very hard on myself. When reading Attacking Anxiety there was something that the author, Lucinda,  said that really jumped out at me. She said, “We should always talk to ourselves like we would talk to our best friend”. That hit me hard and resonated.

For years I haven’t had any compassion for myself or even cheered myself on—especially when I failed. Yet, if a friend was going through something similar, I would comfort them and lift them up with supportive and empowering thoughts, I wouldn’t dare speak to them the way I sometimes speak to myself.

  • Why is it so hard to communicate positively and lovingly to ourselves?
  • Why is hard to communicate the same way to ourselves as we would to others?
  • Why are we so quick to judge ourselves and make ourselves feel less than?
  • Why are we not the most important person to us?
I don’t know the answers, but I do know that we can change how we communicate to ourselves as we do others. Self-love is nurturing and that entails feeling compassion when we are going through a hard time. It allows us to feel and not judge ourselves for it. Self-love is also taking care of our needs and taking the time to do that.

Some actions to take:

  • Meditating in the morning, listening to what our bodies need
  • Feeding ourselves with clean and nutrient heavy food
  • Digging deeper into our underlying health issues
  • Not just jumping to what is easy but fully understanding and finding other ways to help and heal yourself

Self Affirmations:

  • I love myself for everything I am and everything I am not.
  • I’m so proud I’ve come to the place I’m at today.
  • It’s not about falling down, it’s about getting up.
It wasn’t easy and I’m still learning self-love on this journey but just taking the moment to think about how to love yourself more is the first step!! You are enough just as you are and not what you do.
Go to the mirror and look at yourself and say I LOVE YOU because you deserve your own love!