Meet Maxine Goynes: Mindset Master, Wellness Coach, and Personal Trainer

10.09.2020 — The Frenshe Editors

Motivation isn’t at an all-time high for a lot of us right now, but our next Frenshe feature can help change that. With sports in her blood, Maxine Goynes knew that staying active and training would always be a part of her life. What followed was a plethora of mindfulness practices, mindset shifts, and an audience that was dedicated to hearing her views on it all. After the success of her e-book, Foundations, Maxine knew she had to take her mindset, movement, and meals motto to the next level. Today, Maxine hosts the MG Method podcast (named after her brand and wellness program) where she touches on wellness, business, health, creativity, beauty, and more with industry power players. And yes, you can still join Maxine on some fitness ventures too. As a certified personal trainer, her audience lines up every time she drops new workouts videosperfect for all of the at-home fitness happening right now. Frenshes, it’s time to take notes on all things wellness, mindfulness, and fitness with Maxine Goynes. 

FRENSHE: Maxine, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you started out?

Maxine Goynes: Absolutely, I am one of four girls originally from Modesto, CA. My father played football at UCLA and met my mother who was a field hockey player overseas in London, United Kingdom. A product of interracial marriage and honest love they have a partnership that will have you sobbing!  At a very young age,I started playing sports and went on to be a student-athlete at Santa Clara University (W-Soccer Top 10). I moved to Los Angeles for film & acting and found myself helping creative direct and creative produce campaigns for brands & people. In 2017, my father devastatingly passed away from cancer. I knew that my life had to include health as a priority and wanted to invite other people to learn tools to take care of their own health with a proactive & preventative holistic approach to live their best quality of life. I am the founder of MG METHOD, an integrative wellness strategy & podcast that helps people improve their life by encouraging their own unique life design while improving their mental, emotional & physical health.

F: What do mindfulness and accountability mean to you?

MG: Mindfulness has played such an imperative part in my life. To me, it means, presence: body, mind, spirit. It means to me that the way that I treat myself and others is a reflection of my awareness. Can I listen, get still, observe, and participate in each moment, each breathe wholeheartedly.  Accountability to me invites ownership, reflection, and both personal and collective responsibility so we can evaluate if our choices are in alignment with our long-term intentions. Accountability allows us to make adjustments along our journey in a way that invites honest growth.

F: Your e-book, Foundations, touches on principles for both of the above—Mindset, Meals, Movement & Meaning. Can you share more about the 4 principles and how they’re applicable to everyone?

MG: As a former Division I Athlete, I struggled with my own mindset, self-worth, nutrition, digestion, gut health skin, mental health, and weight management. It really took a toll on my own self-trust and acceptance. I used to turn to food as a coping mechanism anytime I felt nervous, unsure, scared, concerned, or angry. Slowly, I started seeking out a new relationship with my thoughts (mindset), life experiences (meaning), food (meals), and exercise (movement).  Through a whirlwind of experiences, I have learned that all these areas in our life affect our overall feeling of self-worth and are a catalyst for us to show up fully in the world. Instead of focusing on solving all of life’s challenges I decided that I would start finding strategies that help myself and others live in our own purpose knowing that the individual affects the collective. Each of us experiences all of these areas every day in our lives. There is information within each of those areas that help us live our expansive lives. When something is no longer serving you, it doesn’t mean that YOU don’t work it just means that our approach hasn’t. I hope to give you structure and strategy so you have the tools to show up and make decisions about shaping the life you want for yourself.

Instead of focusing on solving all of life’s challenges I decided that I would start finding strategies that help myself and others live in our own purpose knowing that the individual affects the collective.”

F: What are some additional steps that one can take along with reading your book to practice these principles?

MG: Within the ebook, there are MG ( My Girls. My Guys. My Group) Worksheets that allow people to have assistance with bringing these principles to life. After training so many people and myself, I realized that there was a neglect of acknowledging the emotional & social component of wellness. I started to notice many of us hadn’t ever learned how to respond to trauma + obstacles in our lives. If this isn’t brought to the forefront it will make it VERY difficult to show up for consistency, accountability, structure, and organization to reach our long-term intentions. The system that I created helps us break down our days and behavior on a micro level so it feels very simple, straightforward, and supportive. In doing so we foster self-trust & confidence. I wanted to help create routines that you can return to anywhere, anytime to reconnect with yourself. Some things that I always extend an invitation to participate in are life’s simple joys: sunshine, clean water, exercise/good sweat, rest, fresh air, music, or something that lights up your soul up and nutrient-dense food especially veggies. All of these things are incredible to have as constants in our life and are gorgeous to share with people we love.

F: What does a normal day in your life look like? Do you have a favorite ritual to practice?

MG: Currently,  a normal day will consist of waking up and incorporating breathwork ( I have a guided one on my IGTV that I turn to every day. This helps me get still and connect to my focus. I start training private clients at 7:00 AM via FaceTime or Zoom and usually wrap training clients by 10:30 AM. I will immediately go for a walk outside to get fresh air and aim to get at least 5k steps – 8k steps.  I come back home to make breakfast which is usually a green smoothie or GF Rolled Oats and start sending emails. As a host of a podcast, I am always reaching out to future guests to coordinate our conversations and also organize the internal part of MG METHOD which includes: social media, photoshoots, video shoots, brand partnerships, etc.  At night I love to jump rope or go on another walk while listening to a podcast and create mood-boards. I close my night by reading, I have so many great books that I love and will be starting a book club portion of MG METHOD to help give insight on books that have helped me mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, etc. Growth can be contagious so I love to spend time each day figuring out new ways to connect with people during this time.

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F: Your favorite recipe to make?

MG: Right now I adore GF Oats with a splash of hemp milk, dark cacao chips, and dark cherries, with either chia seeds or hemp-seeds.  My favorite entree dish would be a toss-up between a crisp fresh greek salad or the savory stew from the ‘FOUNDATIONS’ ebook. It’s a one-pot dish that tastes rich in flavor, hot and makes for fabulous leftovers with a salad and side of quinoa.

F: Is there anything you wish you knew about mindfulness before that you know now?

MG: You are allowed to be a mindful person and have moments where you are not mindful. The work is & will forever be a necessary part of our lives,  can we find the courage to keep showing up and having the courage to ask questions, seek out answers and apply the new information. Stay curious and keep graceful, you are doing just fine.

F: You clearly use your platform for good. Why is it important for you to reach your audience this way, especially young women?

MG: I think that a digital platform can a microcosm of our community at large. We spend so much of our time there and I’m confident that if we share more voices that lead with integrity then we will also foster a collective consciousness. I always saw women discussing where they bought their shoes or lipgloss from but I wanted to know what they did to feel alive, how they learned strategy to show up for themselves before, during, and after adversity. My intention is to help answer the questions that I wanted to know using my own voice. I am so honored and grateful to meet every person who has ever reached out via social. I’m in your corner.  We can design our lives phenomenally together. I hope that young women especially can know that if they feel lost in any way my handle @maxinegoynes or @mgmethod is a safe space, the podcast is also a safe space. This brings me great joy and I take that very seriously.

F: Is there anything exciting you can share with us that you’re working on?

MG: Right now my focus is on scaling MG METHOD conversations for the podcast. I would love to see the podcast turn into a docuseries or talk show where we can continue conservations together and bring in a visual component that incorporates design. I would also like to create a digital experience for people to have accountability systems for their wellness with me and others regularly on their phones 😉


(P.S. check out some of Maxine’s workouts here, here, and here.)


What’s something toxic you’re trying to get rid of in your life? Right now I am really interested in how our brain is asked of so many things and how our responses reflect our deeper obstacles. This can be toxic if we don’t learn to streamline our attention & awareness. I am reading Mastin Kipps Book called ‘Claim your Power’ which focuses on a trauma-informed perspective on life. I am also reading a book called ‘Triggers’ by Marshall Goldsmith about behavioral change and what typically prevents people from creating change in their life.

How do you keep yourself balanced?

  • Breath-work- harnessing awareness around our breathing.
  • Participating in a physical activity that requires grit
  • Going in Nature
  • An intimate conversation with a friend or family member that knows my heart.

One health or beauty trend you’ll never do again? Trends in general. I have really learned to love that which is timeless & simple. I adore essentials for both my health and wellness so anything “instant” will be a no for me. The things, ideas, practices that require consistency, honest work, strategy, and patience have become the most rewarding practice.

Top 3 favorite skin products? I actually have been enjoying 3 ingredients: 

Quote you live by? ‘People have to be ready to receive information….. including you.” – Chester Ray Goynes

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