Meditation 101 with Melissa Wood Tepperberg

11.04.2020 — The Frenshe Editors

Getting your zen on shouldn’t be complicated. If you feel like you’ve tried it all and simply can’t find the right way to relax or reset, it could be time to take up meditation. Yet, the practice seems to confuse or intimidate a lot of people. The good news is that meditation and learning how to practice it has become exponentially easier thanks to the power of the internet and social media. In even better news, we spoke to one of our favorite influencers in the wellness space, Melissa Wood Tepperberg to help us tap into our inner selves. Melissa’s meditation practices are available on her app for all of you to try. Whoosah.

Getting Started

Below, Melissa has outlined five key points as to how to get started when you’re unsure about meditation.

  1. Try your best not to judge the process. This sounds simple, but going in without judgment really helps you jump in with an open heart and a very open mind—which is essential for this practice.
  2. Add some tools to your practice that help set the tone and encourage you to show up. For me personally, I like to light a candle, use essential oils, and surround myself with grounding crystals like selenite when available to me (this is definitely not required, but helps you dive in especially on the days you are not motivated to meditate). When you create the physical space for your meditation practice it can really help you mentally create the space as well.
  3. Remind yourself that this process is not about turning off your thoughts. Don’t get discouraged if you have continuous thought patterns throughout your practice. This process is about shifting your consciousness and intention to your breath so that you’re not focusing on a storyline in your head that isn’t serving you.
  4. Start small. Start with a 2 minutes practice and then slowly build up to 5, 10, etc. Start where it’s attainable and it will help you show up where it’s not completely out of reach.
  5. Mindfully create the space in your life every day, no matter what your day looks like. There are ways to implement mediation in your life even if not sitting with your eyes closed on a pillow – listen to a guided meditation while putting on makeup, on your commute to work, on a walk, etc. It doesn’t have to be the perfect practice, just practice.

How It Can Help Your Day-to-Day Life

“Meditation has shifted almost every possible aspect of my life,” she says. Melissa explains that meditation helps her take a mindful pause, and on the days I don’t meditate she’s much more reactive. “Meditation has also made me less anxious, and for someone who runs anxious, this is a big one,” she explains. But meditation can go way past the calmness surrounding it! Melissa credits meditation to helping her become more creative and even confident. “This practice definitely tapped into that inside me and allowed me more room to express myself and share my voice like I never had before,” she says.

[Photo: Instagram/@melissawoodhealth]

Why You Should Meditate

“I believe to be your best self you have to give yourself time,” Melissa explains. “People commit to workouts because they see changes in their muscles, tone, etc, and the same thing goes for a meditation practice,” she adds. In other words, working out the muscles in your mind makes them stronger and you mentally stronger. “Of course, the same thing I say about my MWH workouts I say about meditation as well—consistency with all things is key to see lasting results,” she says.
“Overall, I can sit here and tell you every single detail about why mediation is essential to include in your routine, but really the best thing is to tell you to try it on and experiment with it yourself,” she says. The only way to really see how transformative it is is by doing it!
[Lead images: Instagram/@melissawoodhealth]
The Frenshe Editors