Frenshe Readers Share What It Was Like Moving During the Pandemic

07.19.2021 — The Frenshe Editors
Aside from staying at home, throwing Zoom parties, and picking up new hobbies, moving was one of the biggest trends we had seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. People were packing up and crossing state lines, leaving the country, moving back home with their parents, getting their first solo homes, and plenty of other scenarios. But with a big move, comes a lot of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty about whether you’ll regret it or not. We asked Frenshe readers who moved during the pandemic, how they feel about it today and what the process was like during such a chaotic time. Ahead, you’ll learn about what it was really like moving in the midst of a global pandemic.
“We got really lucky with our move. I had been wanting to move for a while anyway and then I got pregnant with our second child, which forced us to get a bigger space. Luckily, we found an awesome deal due to the low prices during the pandemic. We now pay $1200 for a 3 bedroom apartment, our own garage, and a yard!”Mariah
“I moved five states away to start a new job as a professor. It was honestly a great decision!”—Kati
“We lived in our starter home for just over a year, made a lot of DIY improvements [during the pandemic] to flip it for profit and move.”—Danielle
“The search for a new place was chaotic, the move was quick and smooth, and the settling-in process was the best ever. It felt right and homey, and I went from having a roommate to being independent.”—Anastasia
“Before Covid and quarantine, I was living with my sister, her husband, and their two daughters. I worked as a corporate travel agent so the virus was on our radar since it started showing up in news outlets. Then, when the first Covid case was detected and major shutdowns were coming is when my first thought of moving out started popping up. I decided there was no better time than now. But this move during the pandemic made me feel so alone, and made me realize what really was important, who my real friends were, and how sometimes you need a rude awakening to appreciate what you have and not what you want.”—Vivs

“Moving during the pandemic was a complete shock to me honestly. It all made me realize how much I missed home and ‘normal’ life.”—Elizabeth


“Thankfully, working from home gave us time to do remodeling jobs in our new house that we moved into during the pandemic.”—Kelsey


“It was simply one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through.”—Olivia


“I bought and renovated a condo by myself during the pandemic. I eventually sold it because it was so lonely.”—Courtney


“I moved because living with a roommate while working from home became very challenging.”—Lindsey


“I moved to a new city and state four hours away. It was hard to get any showings in the first place because of the CDC restrictions.”-Rachel


“I went through a breakup and I wanted to travel. I obviously couldn’t travel so I moved back home after 30 years abroad!”—Jessica


“I don’t regret moving back home, but I regret not informing myself enough beforehand.”—Denise


“It’s been weird, but a great experience at the same time. I’m sad to be away from family, but happy to discover new things now.”—Mihalitia


“Was it hard? Yes. Was it stressful? Yes. However, I could not be happier now that I am in a less toxic environment for myself, and my relationship with my boyfriend could not be stronger. Moving in a pandemic may not have been ideal, but it certainly paid off.”—Karina

Did you move during the pandemic? Are you happy with your decision? Do you have any regrets? Let us know on Instagram!

The Frenshe Editors