How I Deal with Negative Thoughts and Emotions

08.18.2021 — Ashley

They say every person has negative thoughts, but those who struggle with anxiety and depression tend to experience it twice as much. Most of the time it’s the negative thought pattern that spirals out of control and gets you feeling anxious or leads to a panic attack. One of the first things I do when I’m feeling anxious is pointing out what I was thinking before.

Then, I’m able to recognize that I’m experiencing a negative thought and breathe through it. Half of the time we don’t even recognize we’re thinking negatively, and that’s okay, but when you start to feel physical symptoms of anxiety it’s time to work it out.

What if things turned out even better than you imagined?

One of the practices I’ve done in the past is to examine my thoughts, every time a negative thought comes up you write it down. It’s important to realize thoughts are just thoughts and we shouldn’t attach any emotion to them. Also, turning a negative thought into a positive can completely change everything. What if things turned out even better than you imagined? Negative thoughts don’t serve us, it’s our self-doubt, so just recognize that and know whatever doesn’t serve us we have to let go.

It was pretty life-changing when I started to truly examine my thoughts. I was less anxious and less depressed. Also, breathwork helps with those feelings as well. It brings you into the present moment and gets you out of your head. That’s why meditation is so helpful, it teaches you to breathe and lets thoughts pass by. Hopefully, this helps anyone who is in a negative state of mind. You got yourself there and you can get yourself out! You are never stuck and you’re a breath away from changing your mood for the day!