New Year, Renew You

01.06.2021 — Ashley

Who loves the phrase new year, new you? I’ve never liked going into a year thinking, “I’m going going to be a completely different person”, but I do love shifting my energy in a way that renews me. I prefer the idea of acknowledging the end of a year as a chapter ending. After all, we’re leaving behind everything that the past brought our way. After 2020, (which felt like an endless amount of chapters) I’m excited to close that book. There’s a lot of energy that last year shook up, both positive and negative. So, how do we channel and focus on bringing more positive, kind, and loving energy to the forefront? Here’s how I’m working on it!

I prefer the idea of acknowledging the end of a year as a chapter ending.”

Cleansing My Space: I like to use palo santo on a regular day, but since last year was so intense, I’m breaking out the sage. 

Meditation: I’ve been working on getting better at meditation and learning more about it. Insight Timer has amazing guided meditations, especially for beginners. You can find everything from New Year’s-like meditations to the art of manifestation. 

Letting Go: I know when I’ve gone through some trauma, I can easily carry it with me, and I’m sure that’s the same for a lot of you. Write it down on a piece of paper and then burn it. Literally, burn it! It’s time to let go of the past and move positively into the future. 

Gratitude List: Take some time when you wake up to write a list of what you’re grateful for, it changes your perspective and helps get rid of negative thinking. There are SO many blessings that can seem so small at first, and it’s important to acknowledge them. 

Walking It Out: Get moving and go outside for a hike or a walk! Look at what’s around you, breathe some fresh air, and take the time to connect with nature. In a time where we can’t connect (in-person) with friends, it’s important to get outside and breathe in your surroundings. This helps keep you grounded and realize that everything is impermanent, which means that even this moment too shall pass.

How are you stepping into the new year? Let us know how you’re starting off your clean slate.