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The One Product You Need to Save Damaged Hair

09.14.2020 — Ashley

Boy have I had a hair journey! I’m happy to say I have been extension-free for a year now and it’s so crazy looking back at the journey my hair and I have had. I’ve always worn extensions, and the times that I haven’t I would do something drastic to my hair— like dye it pink or chop it all off, bringing me back to square one again.

I’ve realized that I haven’t always been the nicest I could’ve been to my hair. I’ve straightened it for years (I have naturally curly hair) and am continually processing it with going dark or bouncing back to super blonde strands. But now I’ve now committed to keeping my hair healthy—I promise! I will say, I’m lucky because I have very thick hair that can withstand a lot, but that much processing isn’t good for ANY hair type.

Olaplex Styling Cream

[Photo: Instagram/@olaplex]

I remember back in my Disney days so many people thought I was wearing a wig when I really had to wear a good amount of extensions to match my hair’s natural thickness. It felt like a wig, but it wasn’t. Gone are the days where I’m wearing someone else’s hair, and I’m proud to rock my natural texture and be able to grow it out on my own!

On my road of bringing my hair back to life, I’ve been dedicated to using Olaplex’s Bond Maintenance shampoo, conditioner and styling products and it’s honestly made such a difference! In the past, I’ve only ever used Olaplex products at hair salons. I had known about it for so long but never fully committed to using it on my own. In just a few months, my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been!

I’m surprised my hair hadn’t quit on me after color treatments and straightening—I learned that Keratin isn’t the healthiest. Here’s something to note: When you fully embrace your natural hair (and yourself), that self-love goes a very long way in the hair department.

Another great tip is that when I get my hair colored my go-to look for a couple of days is a wet, sleek low pony with some Olaplaex leave-in styling cream. It’s an easy way to look both chic and effortless while also hydrating your hair. If you’ve had some crazy quarantine hair mishaps or just want to get your hair to a healthier state, I highly recommend Olaplex products and your hair will love you for it!

I also love that they’re clean and non-toxic (plus, Sephora clean certified!), which you can learn more about here.  The pros of using these products are endless—think less maintenance, less styling, and of course, no need for extensions.

I hope you can take what I’ve learned on my hair journey and apply it to your own. As usual, if you have any product recommendations for healthier hair, please send them my way! My team and I are always on the lookout and read through your suggestions.

(P.S. this post is not sponsored by Olaplex, I’m just a huge fan!)




[Lead Image (right): Instagram/@olaplex]