Have You Hit a Pandemic Wall? Here’s How to Cope

03.25.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

Now that it has been a whole year into the pandemic, it still doesn’t feel real. Without a doubt 2020 was a challenging year. So many people not only struggled with drastic life changes but also with grief. It has been not only troubling but terrifying. Countries put on lockdown, millions collecting unemployment, and people’s mental and physical health have been affected by stress and isolation. People are restless, anxious, and overwhelmed. It may be difficult at times, but to pour into yourself and advocate for self-care and self-love is crucial right now. There are only so many Tik Tok trends and new recipes one can learn. The fatigue of social media has caught up with all of us. We have watched everything on Netflix by now. If you are hitting a pandemic wall, here are some coping mechanisms to help you and your loved ones get through. 

Revamp Your Daily Routine 

Building a routine can be restorative. With unpredictable daily news during this time, it’s important to build our brains and body with a sense of consistency. Create a routine that implements activity, health, and rest. Set alarms, meal prep if you struggle organizing your daily meals, make lists and schedules if that helps you. If you want to get out of a rut, starting a routine is a great way to start living a better life.

Reach Out to Friends and Family 

Taking time to share your feelings and to listen and support others is so beneficial. Talking with those who have our best interests and want the best for us makes us feel heard and feel safe. Feeling safe is key during these times. Find commonalities with those you can connect with whether it be an online book club, starting a podcast with friends, or participating in Zoom gatherings to stay connected.

Eat Well

Good nutrition helps boost our moods. The beginnings of the pandemic could have either created a surge of a health kick, or binge drinking and eating. Stress makes most seek out comfort and junk foods, so take the steps to implement healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle. Doing our best to energize ourselves when feeling lethargic can be as simple as your food intake. Research a healthy diet that will encourage better mental health and reduce stress for your specific needs. 

Do Things to Occupy Your Time and Mind

Now, more than ever, you should engage in activities you enjoy. Find hobbies that stimulate you, find fitness plans that you enjoy and will sustain. There is yoga, pilates, hiking, dance routines on Youtube. Mindfulness is important during these times. Meditation and journaling are ways to decompress and destress. Set aside time to meditate, practice breathing exercises, or find a quiet space to be able to be in your thoughts and stay centered. Make efforts to consistently be kind and compassionate to yourself. It will change the way you view not only yourself but your life. 

How are you currently holding up? Do you have any tips for pandemic-related stress and anxiety? Let us know on Instagram!

The Frenshe Editors