How I’ve Learned to Be More Patient, Thanks to My Daughter

05.12.2021 — Ashley

Patience is honestly one of the things that I constantly struggle with. I’m the type of person who will say that they want something, or want to do something, and then simply hate waiting to get it done or for it to happen.

It’s funny, actually. I was in the middle of a meditation session when I was pregnant, and the guide asked what I wanted to communicate with my baby. I could’ve chosen everything from a word to a full sentence or more, but I whispered the word “patience.”

In my mind, I wanted to teach her something that I have a hard time with. Well, now that she’s here, the student has become the teacher. They always say your child will teach you so many different things, but patience is the biggest one for me. Do you ever notice that certain situations will keep popping up throughout your life in different ways? That’s the universe testing you and seeing if you’ve grown from whatever makes you uncomfortable.

While my daughter is teaching me patience, there are other areas in my life teaching me that very same thing. The point is that it’s important to recognize whatever in your life may be making it difficult for you to grow. Instead of being victim to “why does this keep happening to me?” look at that and dig deeper into why this could be happening. Maybe you simply haven’t learned the lesson yet.