How to Survive Quarantine with Your Partner

01.27.2021 — Ashley

It’s been close to a year (yes, a whole year!) that lockdown orders were put into place. Depending on where you live, strict orders might still be in place or you’re just doing the right thing by social distancing to prevent the spread. Either way, if you’re quarantined with a significant other, it can really test your relationship. By now you’re likely seeing the sides of living with your partner that aren’t so easy, or maybe just not as exciting as you imagined. But, on the other hand, there are things you can do to overcome these feelings of drab and frustration and make quarantine an enjoyable bonding experience.

Respect Each Other’s Space

A long sleepover with your partner sounds like fun, right? Well, it’s totally fine if it gets a little rough around the edges. The keyword here is space. You should absolutely respect each other’s time and space, especially when tensions are high both in and outside of your home. Being aware of each other’s physical, emotional and mental needs isn’t only healthy, it’s the best way to move forward and accept that this is how we have to live now. Sometimes alone time is necessary! And to keep things in the relationship exciting and honeymoon-like, you both need alone time. Now that you’re working together, cooking together, and everything else in between, even the largest space can feel tiny. Make time to take a break from each other, rejuvenate on your own, and continue to fuel your personal needs and hobbies. Not everything has to happen as a twosome. Sometimes it’s better to keep things solo.

Have Those Difficult Conversations

It can be hard to bring up uncomfortable feelings in general. When you throw a quarantine-like situation into the mix it can feel even more awkward! Those intrusive thoughts get real. Sometimes all you need is alone time to sort these out in your head, but sometimes you need to address them head-on with your partner. Sorry. At the end of the day, you’re two different people with two different sets of views and feelings—no need to feel like you should morph into each other. Get your concerns, fears, and anxieties out in the open and come to a resolution that works for both of you. Those not-so-great days are bound to happen, and while that’s all part of the journey, honesty needs to play a big part.

Find a Way to Really Spend Time Together

So, you see each other every day, but are you actually spending quality time together? It’s more than likely that things have lost a little spice and you’re in a constant routine. That’s human nature! Make the effort. There are so many unique at-home date night ideas to try during your time at home. Get creative in the kitchen, do some wine-tasting, play a couple’s game, or have a real movie night binge-watching some classics. Talk about it, make a plan, and have some fun!

Patience is Key

Patience is key to this ever-evolving way of life, along with continually adjusting to each other. It won’t be like this forever, but for now, it’s important to just (try to) enjoy the ride and the space you share. It doesn’t have to be daunting!

I thought it’d be fun for Chris and me to do a little rapid-fire Q&A on how we’ve been navigating through everything. With a baby on the way, our minds have been all over the place but we’ve certainly tried to make the best of it!

Ashley: Chris’ favorite pastime is watching movies!

Chris: Ashley’s favorite pastime is doing her nails

Ashley: When Chris needs a break he goes to his studio and is never seen or heard from again (LOL!)

Chris: When Ashley needs a break she watches Bravo by herself 

Ashley: Chris’ favorite quarantine snack is peanuts

Chris: Ashley’s favorite quarantine/pregnancy snack is orange juice or strawberries

Ashley: Chris’ favorite quarantine show/movie is Legion

Chris: Ashley’s favorite quarantine show/movie is Sex and the City