Ashley Quarantine

Got the Quarantine Blues? Here are 4 Instant Lifts to Boost Your Mood

08.18.2020 — Ashley
I know it’s not easy not seeing your friends, going to the gym, and brunches on a Sunday. In fact, studies show that frustration, loneliness, and worry are the most common reactions to the pandemic, and all of these represent a risk for several mental disorders, including anxiety and PTSD. So, what’s one to do after they’ve cleaned out their space so many times they’ve lost count? Here are my tips for combatting the quarantine blues and giving yourself an instant mood lift.

Try something new

The first new thing I tried during quarantine was learning Spanish. I didn’t really get too far because I was quickly reminded about how hard it truly was, and I barely passed Spanish class in school—lol. Bottom line: this wasn’t for me. So, I transitioned into a new hobby—interior design. I took this up within days and soon enough, I  had friends asking for help. Harnessing a love for something like design creates such an energy it inspired me to keep going. I was suddenly able to create mood boards and send them their ideal home visions and give myself purpose while staying quarantine-safe!

Work it out

Yes, I do miss the gym! I really miss having a trainer kick my ass, but I decided to be more gentle with myself. This whole idea of having to work out is hard enough on our mental health. I wanted to be easy on myself, so I started going on walks around the neighborhood. I do yoga (found some amazing ones on YouTube), and when I feel that I really need to take up a sweat I turn to Amanda Kloots’ workouts. Let me tell you, her arm and butt videos are VERY hard!

Bake (and not just banana bread!)

I didn’t realize how much I love baking versus cooking. For some reason baking really relaxes me, and I think quarantine proved that a lot of you feel the same way. I find a lot of great recipes on Pinterest and the best part is if it doesn’t come out great on the first attempt, just try again—I mean, we’re home anyway, right? Baking is an art, and it takes a lot of patience and focus—two things we might be lacking these days. I fail all the time! But, trying again and finally getting it right makes it all so rewarding, and I have a nice treat to eat at the end.


I probably should have put this one first! I meditate every morning, or at least I try to! There is something about starting your day in a more calm and balanced headspace that really sets the tone. Not only that, but it also helps put everything into perspective. Starting each morning with a sense of gratitude will convince you that there’s no better way. I know that starting is the hard part, and it can be a little intimidating, but that’s okay. Meditating is like a muscle—it has to build over time with hard work and patience. What helped me get started was using meditation apps right on my phone. If you’re looking to get started on meditating, these are my go-to apps.