Everything You Need to Know About Reiki Healing, Straight From an Expert

04.20.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

If you’ve found yourself having a spiritual awakening or embarking on a spiritual journey, chances are you’ve heard of (or even tried) reiki healing. The high vibrational energy technique has become more popular over the years, and services are offered in-person or virtually to benefit clients the most. Because we’re all about channeling our inner energy and finding new ways to heal, relax, and tap into our intuition, we wanted to break down the facts about reiki. We spoke to reiki master and healer, Valerie Treena, to help us learn everything we need to know. If you haven’t already heard of Valerie, you must head over to her TikTok for mini healing sessions that give you that much-needed “pick me up” at any moment of the day.

Frenshe: What is Reiki exactly?

Valerie Treena: Thanks to physicists like Max Planck and Albert Einstein, we now have the understanding in modern science that everything is energy! The particles and atoms that make up all mass can be broken down into energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Everything, from the food we eat to the people we surround ourselves with, to our thoughts and beliefs, is energy. Thus, our bodies are in a constant state of influx, always trying to find the optimal state of energetic balance.

When we are exposed to low frequencies, we also start vibrating at a lower frequency. This then manifests as emotional, mental, physical, and/or spiritual distress. Many of our physical symptoms usually result from mental and emotional blockages that have not been resolved yet. 

Reiki is pure, high vibrational energy that raises our own vibrational frequency and thus clears up our energetic blockages. Most of the time, our blockages—past traumas, limiting beliefs, negative thinking, etc.—sit in our subconscious. Our subconscious runs 99% of our lives. Reiki helps our conscious minds process what is in our subconscious in order to release the baggage and create positive changes in our lives.  You can think of our bodies as a network of pipes—over time, our pipes can get dirty with muck. Reiki is like a waterfall of fresh energy that clears up our pipes so they can function better. 

Reiki practitioners can detect imbalances in other people’s energetic fields and use Reiki to bring their bodies back to balance. Reiki is a great complementary tool to use alongside traditional medicine!

F: How did you start practicing Reiki?

VT: I had a psychedelic experience that opened up my mind to the concept that everything is energy. Previous to this, I did not really believe in holistic healing and had never heard of Reiki. However, as soon as I had this experience, I started seeing the word “Reiki” everywhere. I started dreaming of energetic sensations coming from my hands on a nightly basis. There were a lot of synchronicities that kept bringing me to Reiki. 

So I booked a distance healing session, not expecting much. Within a few minutes of starting, I felt like my body was on a boat out at sea. The energetic waves that passed through my body were unreal! My anxiety, insomnia, and addictions were completely eliminated for a few weeks. I took a class to learn Reiki, and here I am!

F: Who’s a good candidate for Reiki? What are some things that Reiki can help people with?

VT: Anyone can benefit from it! That is if their subconscious is open to healing. I have had a couple of clients who (though they consciously want to heal and therefore, book sessions), subconsciously are not ready to face their wounds. So Reiki did not benefit them, as they did not allow the energy in. Depending on how much baggage we have stored inside of us, healing can be a painful process, as it requires us to face our pain in order to release it. If we are open to the healing process, though, Reiki can be a very beneficial healing tool.

Animals and kids are especially sensitive to energy and are usually always open to allowing Reiki in.

I like to say that Reiki does not heal us. Rather, Reiki activates our innate ability to heal ourselves. As all of our issues are energetic at their core, Reiki can assist with almost any healing issue alongside our active participation in the healing process. From soothing physical ailments (which usually stem from emotional roots) to digging up our deeply repressed trauma, energy healing can do a lot!

F: You’re killing it on TikTok! How have you managed to take your techniques virtually?

VT: Thank you! I started practicing Reiki right around the time Covid started, so I started out this whole journey doing only distance healing. As everything is energy, we are all connected, and separation is an illusion—I got on TikTok because this concept can be very difficult for people to comprehend. TikTok allows me to make videos as a visual tool that accompanies energy healing so that people can feel more comfortable accepting the energy. When they feel the energy while watching these videos, they may then feel comfortable booking a full-body session with me. 

I also like to educate people through these videos on how our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual issues are all tied together. For example, someone with chronic lower back pain might actually be suffering from it due to repressed shame and guilt that needs to leave the system. Or one might learn that to improve our intuition, we actually need to stay more grounded and present. Everything is so connected!

F: How often should someone get a Reiki session?

VT: This depends on various factors, such as lifestyle, issues that need to be resolved, and personal preference. Some issues require only one session to resolve, while more stubborn blocks may require a few. 

I would say once a week or once every couple of weeks is optimal. But I always tell people to listen to their bodies, listen to their intuition, and book a session when they feel guided to!

I give myself Reiki multiple times a day—your body will never accept too much for you to handle!

F: What are some of the most commonly reported benefits/feelings people have after Reiki sessions?

VT: This is what I hear back a lot from clients:

  • Physical: better sleep, relaxed muscles, increased amount of energy, less/no more physical pain.
  • Emotional/Mental: more clarity, focus, happiness, crying from the release, less attachment to outcomes, less/no more anxiety, improved relationships, confidence, self-worth, more present at the moment.
  • Spiritual: I had a client who experienced a spiritual awakening after our session, with a sudden desire to quit her job to find another that helped more people in life!
  • With my animal clients, I usually hear about relaxation and increased sociability with other animals or humans.

To book a session with Valerie and to learn more about Reiki, visit her website and follow her on TikTok

The Frenshe Editors