Self-Care Practices for Your Zodiac Sign

04.02.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

Self-care is a term we hear a lot. But is it universal? No, it’s unique to you and your needs at the moment, but self-care is something we all need. Trust us, we know that putting yourself first isn’t always the easiest situation, but sometimes it just needs to be done. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, or just in need of some “you” time, we’re helping you find the best self-care practices for you, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Try a new workout. Aries are known for always being “on the go”, and can easily get caught up in things without focusing on themselves. Get active and try something new, in an effort to let out any of that excess energy that isn’t really serving you.

Taurus: Enjoy your favorite meal. Not to be cliche, but we know that Tauruses are all about comfort, and that includes comfort food. Whether you’re cooking or heading to your favorite restaurant, indulge in the foods that truly make you happy. 

Gemini: Turn off your phone, or take a break from it. Geminis are social butterflies, but that means they can feed off of other people’s energies entirely too much. Instead of doom-scrolling, put your phone down and your mind will thank you.

Cancer: Meditate, even if it’s for a few minutes. Cancers might wear their hearts on their sleeves, but that doesn’t mean that they always focus on their own emotions. Sit down with yourself, meditate, and let some things go.  

Leo: Find the beauty in something. Leo’s are confident and leaders by nature, they see the beauty in anything. Level up and treat yourself to something too beautiful to pass up. It could be an art gallery or a museum, either way, a true Leo will appreciate it. 

Virgo: Unsubscribe. Virgos are so organized, and a cluttered mind has no place in their lives. Unsubscribe from those lingering subscriptions that are just taking up space in your inbox.

Libra: Take up yoga. To Libras, balance is everything. The second a Libra feels off their equilibrium, it can cause severe stress. Try some yoga to help ground yourself and find your natural balance again.

Scorpio: Write it out. Scorpios aren’t known for expressing emotion easily, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings! Take some time to jot down your thoughts and give yourself space to express yourself.  

Sagittarius: Read! A Sagittarius will be the first one to check the latest news, but that only leads you down a rabbit hole. Read in a way that’s relaxing and not so focused on current events. 

Capricorn: Vision board. Capricorns are planners at heart and very focused on the future! Create a vision board with your ideal life and goals and watch them come to fruition.

Aquarius: Socialize! Aquarius’ are very good at spending time alone, but sometimes you need other people’s energy. Step out of your shell and let other people do the talking to get out of your own head for a moment.

Pisces: Make a playlist and dance it out. Pisces’ are known as emotional beings, and feel all the feels. Make yourself a playlist based on your current mood and FEEL it.

The Frenshe Editors