Ashley Tisdale

Are You Living for Yourself or for Social Media?

05.20.2021 — Ashley

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and one thing I find myself thinking about is how we’re pushed to put up a facade on social media. “Are we living for ourselves or are we just living for Instagram?” is a question I often ask myself. I too can get caught up in feeling like I need everything to look perfect and worrying about my aesthetic. But let’s get one thing clear NO ONE’S life is perfect even when Instagram makes it seem that way.

“No one’s life is perfect even when Instagram makes it seem that way.”

I’ve always had a preset healthy relationship with social media because I don’t take it too seriously. I also create a healthy boundary between what I do want to share and what I don’t. I was lucky to grow up in the non-social media era (yes I’m that old, haha), so I didn’t have to deal with the negative side of it while trying to get through middle school and high school. Therefore, when I see a negative comment on my Instagram I don’t really get affected. I look at it like it’s a computer that clearly is having a bad day.

I don’t let it stick to me, and I know that’s easier said than done, but I’ve noticed that when we live our lives for social media is when we get caught up in it and take more things personally. I see some of my friends wrapped up in the “everything is perfect, my relationship is perfect, my kids are perfect” aspect of it all. However, behind the filters, there’s a lot to unload.

The question I’m asking is: Are you truly happy?  They say when you’re living for others you’ll never find happiness, and you won’t find yourself.  So, let’s start living for ourselves and just bring Instagram along the way. Stop overanalyzing your photos, stop questioning what your followers will think, and stop getting wrapped into these idealistic standards that social media has placed into society. Start being yourself, do what you love, and focus on sharing last.