How I’m Currently Dealing With Stress (Because We Could All Use This Right Now)

11.09.2020 — Ashley
Stress. Who doesn’t have it in their life!? Lately, I’ve been feeling guilty whenever I’m stressed because of my pregnancy, and I’m trying to limit the stress around me to rid of that guilt. However, life catches up and Mercury was in retrograde for what felt like forever (LOL!). I’ve been renovating my home for the last year and it’s really starting to weigh on me,


I yearn to wake up and have a peaceful morning, drinking coffee, and not having any dogs barking—you know really just a moment of peace. The stress of also not being around anyone because of COVID-19 these days is such a dance! So, what’s one to do when feeling stressed? How do we not let stress take over our lives? Try these steps!


“I yearn to wake up and have a peaceful morning, drinking coffee, and not having any dogs barking—you know really just a moment of peace.”


  • BREATHE: The minute you feel that stress bubbling up, take a second and just start breathing to a slow count of four. Breathe in for four and out for four, in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • MEDITATE: Download a meditation app (I like Headspace or Calm) and try a guided meditation. There are so many out there for just a few minutes of de-stressing. It helps tremendously!
  • SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE: Usually, when we’re stressed about something there’s fear involved. Whether it’s a slight fear or a big one, assess those feelings and ask yourself “Is this something I should actually be stressed about?”. A lot of the time, we could channel that energy into things that are a little more important and come back to that later. Understanding the perspective you’re viewing things from could help you better understand how to work things out.
  • GET MOVING:  Literally, walk it off! Going out for a long walk is what helps me the most. Whether it’s a quick stroll around the block or a longer trail, get outside and you’ll feel the difference. When our bodies release these endorphins we feel a lot more at ease and content.
  • GET CREATIVE: I hadn’t really used essential oils or diffusers until now. I’m loving the Saje Wellness diffusers and oil blends for whenever I need a moment of peace. The Stress Release oil blend is my favorite! I roll a bit onto one hand, then rub my hands together and cup them up to my face. I then breathe in about four times. It gives immediate release!


At the end of the day, the most important thing to know is that stress doesn’t help anything, it only adds to situations. It’s not good for us health-wise and it’s important for us to recognize that feeling and let it go. It’s not going to change what we’re dealing with and most of the time, as I said, it all works out. So, why put yourself through so unwanted stress? Stress isn’t a problem solver and only adds to the negative. I noticed that when I tackle stress head-on first thing in the morning (usually with a meditation)  I can easily deal with stressful situations a lot better than when I don’t. I would highly suggest tapping into your feelings as soon as the day starts in order to be more productive and at peace. Stress might be normal, but it shouldn’t control your life.



[Lead image (right): Instagram/@sajewellness]