Summer Nail Trends to Show Your Nail Tech ASAP

07.06.2021 — Queenie Nguyen

There’s rarely a day that goes by where we don’t see stunning nail trends on social media. With summer in full swing, it’s time to add some fun, vibrant nail art to your ‘saved’ folder. We enlisted the help of Ashley’s nail guru herself, Queenie Nguyen, to dish on what nail trends are taking over for summer 2021. Polish shades included!

Neon French Tips

This is a great and subtle way to rock neon colors in the summer. Neon green will be huge this summer because green, in general, has been a huge hit in the fashion and beauty markets. For those that are more daring, you can opt for multi-colored neons French tips.
How to: To DIY at home, use the edge of the polish applicator to create the French tips, then use a clean-up brush to perfect the shape.

Mismatched Designs 

When in doubt, create different fun designs on all fingernails so that you can rock all at once. Mismatched nail designs are unexpected and spontaneous
How to: For this look, be creative by using nail art brushes to create abstracts shapes/ patterns and pair different contrasting colors.

Florals and Fruit 

Daisies are so popular for the summer and this year, people love pairing daisies with a French manicure.  This is the same case with cherries. They pair nicely with the classic white French manicure for a pop of red.
How to:Use the end of the Bobby pins to create the flower petal of the daisies and the cherries as well. Then use a detail brush to add finishing touches to the look.

Checkered Nails 

Checkered nails are everywhere right now and people love pairing different colors combo for contrast.
How to: Use a striping brush to map out the checker pattern on your nails, then fill in the squares with colors of your choice.

Negative Space 

This trend is classic but still a great go-to look for the summer. You can create a cool negative space look using pastel colors or bright neons.
How to: Create the design patterns and leaving negative spaces on the nail surface to see through to the sheer base color.
Queenie Nguyen