How to Let Go and Surrender

02.19.2021 — Ashley

There’s been something on my mind lately. I feel like in life there are these repetitive cycles that keep happening only to see if they trigger you in the same way. We’ve all been there! You know when something bothered you five years ago, you think about it today, and there’s a chance that you still get upset? Yep, I’m sure you do.

It reminds me of a dog chasing its tail. The only way to break a triggering cycle like that is to react differently and come at it from a different and more present approach. Now, I find myself trying to organize and be ready for this next chapter in my life where I’m introducing motherhood. However, I feel like I’m nowhere near prepared and there’s so much more to do before the baby’s arrival. I know, I know, that’s a normal feeling. Throughout the day I keep hearing the word surrender”.

There are so many times in my life where things are busy, life feels crazy, and I’m holding on so tight that it brings me down. BUT, the thought of just surrendering lightens my mood and makes me feel a little freer. The way I see it is that it’s all about having faith that the small things in life will all work out. Sometimes I, like a lot of you, become so hyper-focused on those things and it makes the joy of life seem hazy and only adds on stress.

Just think about it. What if we were to just let go? What if we all just let go of the small things that bring us down? Surrender to it. Don’t you feel lighter already? Life can be stressful and I think it’s time to not get so caught up in the smaller moments because in the grand scheme of things it always works out. The universe will never lie to you, let it do its job and enjoy the ride!



[Lead image: Instagram/@talliia]