Meet Trinity Mouzon Wofford: Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Holistic Health Maven

10.16.2020 — The Frenshe Editors

Good branding is appealing, and good ingredients even more so, and our next Frenshe feature knows a good amount about both. If you’re constantly on the hunt for new wellness and beauty brands, you’ve likely come across Golde. The vibrant and millennial-favorite brand is built on the power of superfoods, thanks to its founder, Trinity Mouzon Wofford. While she’s the brains behind the brand, she’s so much more than that. Today, Trinity is not only an entrepreneur, she’s a columnist for INC. and a mentor to thousands of young women looking to start a business. Oh, and she’s the youngest Black woman to have her brand stocked on the shelves at Sephora. As if her success story wasn’t impressive enough, she’s made it her mission to incorporate holistic health into our everyday lives. Frenshes, let’s learn from none other than Trinity Mouzon Wofford.

FRENSHE: Trinity, tell us a little about yourself, and how came up with the idea for Golde?

Trinity Mouzon Wofford: My name is Trinity Mouzon Wofford and I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of Golde. We’re a Brooklyn-born wellness brand, powered by superfoods. I launched the business with my partner, Issey, when we were both 23. I was really inspired by this drive to create something in wellness that felt really fun and approachable for the next generation of consumers. 

F: What was your first step in executing that vision and bringing the brand to life? 

TMW: The first step on our end was nailing the brand and the formulation of our first product. We wanted the vibe to feel very warm and inviting—this was in 2016-2017, at the height of the minimalist aesthetic. With Golde we chose to offer something really vibrant and engaging. We didn’t know how to do brand design at all, so we worked with a friend of ours to make the initial designs come to life, and then we just sort of kept building on from there. It’s definitely been a process and the look has evolved a bit since day 1!

F: Where did the name Golde come from/does it have a special meaning?

TMW: Golde was inspired by our first product, our Original Turmeric latte blend, which makes a “golden milk” inspired by the ancient traditions of Ayurveda. We also really loved the idea of Golde as a vibe and a mood—we thought a lot about what it meant to “feel golden,” and how we brought that experience forward as a brand.

[Photo: Instagram/@trinitymouzon]

F: Golde is bubbly and very inviting. Why was that important to you during the development process?

TMW: We were so fatigued with this idea that wellness was inherently intimidating. Self-care is honestly the most natural thing out there, and it’s for everyone. We really wanted to democratize it, and so it was important that the brand stood out in that way.

F: What does wellness mean to you?

TMW: Wellness to me is all about feeling like your best self. We’re not super into this version of wellness that feels really restrictive or dogmatic. It’s all about self-care—building out the little rituals that help you feel happy and centered.

F: Is there anything you wish you had known about the wellness industry before starting your own business?

TMW: I’ve learned so much over the past 3+ years, and I’m still learning every day. A ton of work goes into launching a supplement product and making sure that it’s safe for consumption. We’ve had to really build out our timelines because this stuff doesn’t just come together in a couple of months. Now we’re usually working 1 year+ out on thinking through newness. 

F: Wellness is often approached from a place of privilege. How can Frenshe ensure that we’ve created a safe space for everyone, much like Golde?

TMW: I think inviting everyone to have a seat at the table is imperative. Whether that’s the content creators you’re working with or the types of features you’re sharing, inclusivity has to be top of mind. We do our best to think about inclusivity as multi-faceted, also. It’s not just racial diversity—it’s socioeconomic status, it’s education, it’s disability status, it’s whether English is actually someone’s first language. You have to be aware of (and really celebrate!) the different perspectives that each person is going to bring to your brand and community.

Inviting everyone to have a seat at the table is imperative.”

F: You’re an entrepreneur, a CEO, and the youngest Black woman to launch a line at Sephora. What are the wellness practices you believe in to help keep you leading a healthy life and a business?

TMW: I try to do my best with work-life balance, but I also don’t beat myself up about it. Right now we’re in crazy crunch time, and frankly, the balance has gone out the window a bit. Instead of being frustrated that I’m not making time for workouts and smoothies while also guiding an extremely lean team through exponential growth, I acknowledge that it’s okay to prioritize work for a bit. I think work-life balance isn’t always something you be perfect at on a daily basis—it’s more about making sure that overall you feel good about where you’re at and where you’re headed.

[Photo: Instagram/@golde]

F: You’re now in a position to help others, did you feel that you had similar support from fellow female CEOs when getting started?

TMW: Yes! My relationships with other founders have really been the bedrock of my ability to scale this thing with relatively little experience. It’s incredible how generous people are with their time and resources when they believe in you and your vision. I definitely have around a dozen fellow founders that I go to for advice and mentorship. I think that’s what inspired me to lean into mentorship as Golde started to grow.

F: This year, the world finally listened and acknowledged the racial disparities that the Black community faces every single day. What is it like being a Black business owner in 2020?

TMW: It’s a weird time, honestly. I’m grateful for the sudden impact that this movement has had on our visibility and revenues, but it’s tough to acknowledge that this came on the back of so many generations of injustice. Right now I’m focused on continuing to support my team while taking some quiet time to reflect personally on how to process everything that’s happening in the world.

F: If you could leave our readers with just one thing to keep in mind when practicing wellness, what would that be? 

TMW: Strive for doing what feels best for you! Wellness practices can be anything from bubble baths to calling your mom. Don’t ever feel like you need to be perfect about it.


What’s something toxic you’re trying to get rid of in your life? Comparison to others. 

How do you keep yourself balanced? Quality time with my friends and family, no work talk allowed!

One health or beauty trend you’ll never do again? Oh, most of them! I keep it so simple these days. Never say never, but anything high maintenance (hair dye, heavy makeup) is just not for me.

Top 3 favorite skin products? Golde Clean Greens face mask for clearing breakouts in record time. Supernal Cosmic Glow Oil for daily skin nourishment and (yes) glow. My Aquabliss shower filter to keep impurities out of the water—makes a huge difference in hair and skin!

Quote you live by? “Know when you’re lucky”—there’s always an opportunity in front of you.


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