Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

02.05.2021 — The Frenshe Editors
Whether you’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, our gift guide is good enough for treating yourself too. Yes, we’ve gathered gifts for all of your loved ones, but there’s no shame in wanting to receive or gift yourself any of these either. From candle-making kits to new glassware and of course, florals, this is our official no-fuss Valentine’s Day gift guide. Everyone deserves to feel the love this year, including you!

Date Night Candle Kit

Sick of ordering in and binge-watching shows? Maybe not (LOL!), but switch up your date nights with some candle making. This set makes it so easy to create your own candles at home with some chic black holders.

CUUP Balconette Bra

Would we really be talking about Valentine’s Day if some lingerie wasn’t involved? This mesh bra has A+ reviews for its invisible-like fabric and comfortability. It’s a great support system—literally.


Lord Jones Bath Salts

One thing everyone needs right now is some good relaxation. Light a candle, run yourself a bath and throw in these CBD-infused bath salts to unwind and just straight up chill.

Mosser Glass Pink Tumblers

If a glass isn’t Instagram-worthy is it even worth getting at all? We’ll leave that up to you, but these tumblers definitely made it to our carts. Sophisticated, vintage-inspired, and the perfect tint of pink for V-day.

The Aspen Dried Bouquet

Roses are great, but dried bouquets are the true winners in our eyes. This neutral arrangement is not only a gorgeous gift but also a great piece of decor.

Saje Wellness Goddess Goals Kit

Treat a loved one (or yourself) like a goddess! This set includes body butter, rose mist, oil blend, and rose lip balm, right on theme for the holiday,

Apothekary, License to Chill Set

Would it be a Frenshe gift guide if we didn’t throw some supplements in here? Of course not! This set of powders is infused with probiotics, adaptogens, ashwagandha, and more for boosting serotonin and getting rid of unwanted stress.

Chamberlain Coffee Early Bird Gift Box

If you’re a coffee-lover, then you know it’s the only way to start your morning off on the right foot. This set includes one bag of coffee, steeped coffee bags for on-the-go, a cold brew mason jar, and a reusable straw set.

Bala, All in Kit

At-home workouts aren’t slowing down anytime soon, and the fitness buffs in your life will love this cult-favorite set. Apart from including the coveted Bala bangles, this set also includes the ring, handheld weight bars, sliders, resistance bands, and an equipment cleaner.

WTHN Energy Cleansing Kit

There’s zero time for negative energy at all this year. As we make space for the positive, it’s vital to cleanse and protect our space too. This kit makes it simple whether it’s for an existing space or a new home.

Nude Glass Whiskey Decanter

All of the whiskey, bourbon, or scotch lovers would love this sleek decanter. It’s minimalistic by design and adds a modern touch to any home or bar cart.

Bolin Webb Shaving Set

Sometimes a shaving routine deserves an upgrade, and we’ve never seen one look better than this. This three-piece set includes a razor, stand, and travel case.


Wild One Pet Carrier

For anyone thinking about getting a new pet carrier, this is your sign. Wild One has changed the game with the most stylish pet accessories, toys, and carriers. The next time you have to lug your little one around, do it in style.

The Frenshe Editors