Wellness Habits We’re Committed to in 2021

01.08.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

At Frenshe, we’re committed to living a life that’s all about balance. Two things that make up the majority of that balance are self-care and our overall wellness, which we all need a lot of after what 2020 brought our way. We sat down as a team (virtually, of course) and discussed how we’re each putting our wellbeing first in the new year. From setting boundaries to better sleep habits to just going with the flow, we’re all dedicated to staying grounded in our own ways. Ahead, you’ll learn how each of us is committed to wellness in 2021, and we hope this inspires you to either set some goals for yourself or share the ones that you’ve already put in place. Here’s to new and healthy beginnings!

“My honest answer is I have commitment issues (LOL!). With that being said I don’t like to set any intentions until the new year, otherwise, I feel like I’m setting myself up for failure. My wellness is knowing how to set myself up for success and most of the time that might mean taking a different approach than others for the new year.”Ashley, Founder

“My wellness habit for 2021 is setting (and actually implementing) strong boundaries. A ‘no’ to someone else means a ‘yes’ to myself. Working through my autopilot response to people please, and be fierce in my commitment to not abandon my own needs in the interest of someone else’s.”—Heather, Brand Manager

“In 2021, I’m fully committed to getting more sleep! I’ve always had issues getting a full eight hours of sleep, and this year I’m taking the steps to track my sleep cycle and possibly learn if there might be a deeper issue. No more feeling sluggish during the workday!”—Andrea, Managing Editor

“My goal is to spend less time on my phone (especially before bed)! I find myself feeling so tired no matter how much sleep I get, so I want to nail down a really good nighttime routine so I’m waking up energized!”—Caitlin, Social Media Director

“A wellness habit I’d like to bring into this year is creating a better morning routine that includes both meditation and breathwork. I find taking that extra time in the morning to ground myself really sets the tone for the rest of my day!”—Talia, Social Media Manager

Have you set any wellness goals for 2021? Let us know on Instagram what habit you’re committed to this year!

The Frenshe Editors