World Water Day

Today Is World Water Day—Here’s How You Can Contribute

03.22.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

Happy World Water Day! Today is recognized by the United Nations as a day to highlight the importance of fresh water and access to it. As we all embark on our journeys to be more sustainable, learning to save water is an excellent place to start. On the other hand, staying educated about how access to clean water or lack thereof affects others is equally as important. Ahead, we’re sharing some tips on how to save water along with some organizations that work towards the cause.

Water Conservation Tips

Take shorter showers

This one’s a given. Trust us, we know how relaxing a long and warm shower could be, but it’s a very easy way to waste water. Even cutting your showers down by a few minutes can help preserve it and help you do your part.

Don’t leave faucets running

Rather than leaving the faucet running as your brush your teeth or do your skincare routine, turn it off. This is literally a waste of water if you’re not paying attention as it continues to run. Turning it off is a simple fix and you’ll quickly realize how much water you’re actually saving.

Only do full loads of laundry

When you have a washer and dryer at home, doing laundry is easy but can also be wasteful. Instead of throwing in a thing or two that needs some quick washing, focus on doing full loads. This way you’ll end up using your washing machine a lot less in the process.

Always check for leaks

Believe it or not, a lot of leaks go unnoticed until it’s time for a large repair job. Check your sinks for leaks a few times of a month to make sure that there’s no unwanted dripping happening. While unintentional, this is such an easy way to waste water if you’re not conscious about it.

Dishwasher > Hand washing

This might surprise you, but the dishwasher can actually help you save water. Now, to be clear, we don’t mean throwing things into the dishwasher every single day. After a quick rinse, turn on your dishwasher about three times a week, depending on your load. Hand washing dishes and leaving the water running leads to excessive waste.

Buy less water 

Stocking up on water bottles isn’t always necessary. Having a case of water bottles for emergencies is understandable, but there are plenty of reusable bottles, water filters, and other options instead of buying water. Again, we’re not saying to avoid it at all costs, just do it less.

Organizations and Educational Resources

While taking the time to conserve water on your own, it’s important to learn more about how this affects people on a national and global scale. The following organizations are dedicated to providing the masses with clean, fresh water and help people like us learn to conserve water daily.

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The Frenshe Editors