What’s to Come in 2021

01.04.2021 — Ashley Tisdale-French

Wow, what a crazy year we just had, am I right? I honestly can’t even put it into words! I’m just excited that we have a clean slate and are kicking things off on a positive note and getting straight to work here at Frenshe. When I was creating the site it was way before the pandemic impacted us, and I knew that I wanted to share this new journey of mine with you, but I had no idea how important it’d become. I was at home and missing connecting with people, and yet, this platform connected me to you guys on such a deeper and more meaningful level. With that being said, I’m looking forward to continuing the Frenshe journey with you all and here’s a little bit of what’s to come in 2021!

The non-toxic conversation continues: I’m looking forward to sharing what works for me and what doesn’t as I continue to learn more about living a non-toxic life. Whether that’s making minor changes at home or much deeper decisions that go beyond products and simple swaps. I’m hoping to share more on the truth behind ingredients but also diving into the importance of balance as anyone makes these changes to their lives.

Wellness, mindfulness, and happiness: My main goal with Frenshe is to really be there for you all, and help you be the happiest versions of yourselves. The conversations behind wellness and mindfulness often come with exclusivity, privilege, and even exclusion and I want to eliminate that narrative and make these topics relatable and accessible. From meditating to self-love, emotional hygiene, and everything in between, we want you to know that you can make all of these things a priority and how to do so.

Experts, experts, and more experts: I love speaking with so many people from different backgrounds and expertise, and we’ve been so blessed to have so many incredible voices featured on the site already. This year we’re taking it to the next level and diving into so many different areas that you told us you wanted us to cover! If you ever have any ideas or expert recommendations, always send us a DM on Instagram!

Parenting (well, some!): While this won’t be the main focus of the site, I will be a mom soon! Some things I’d love to dive into are non-toxic products for children, creating a healthy delivery environment, and more. I’ll also speak with some parenting experts on anything that comes to mind!

More beauty: Our beauty content was a big hit for us in 2020, so we promise not to let you down this year and keep it going! From my favorite products to interviews with industry leaders and experts, to (of course!) non-toxic ingredients, we’ll cover it all.

Again, I can’t thank you all enough for loving Frenshe as much as I do and for continuing to allow me to be vulnerable with you guys! I can’t wait to continue this ride.



Ashley Tisdale-French
Ashley Tisdale is a mom, the founder of Frenshe, and an entertainer.