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I’ve always had a passion for self-love and all things beauty and wellness. While on my own mental health and wellness journey, I discovered that introducing fragrance into my daily rituals greatly influenced my mood — whether it was to keep me grounded and calm or celebrate my confidence and joy.

That’s why I created Being Frenshe, a collection of wellness essentials that allow you to nourish your well-being. Each offering is consciously formulated with clean ingredients and rooted in the emotional power of scent, so feeling good is as simple as taking a breath. My hope is that these products will support your own self-care rituals—and encourage you to breathe in a moment for you.



A new cross-category approach to wellness, simple daily wellness rituals that allow you to nourish & care for yourself for a better well-being, rooted in the emotional power of scent.

Wellness does not have to be complicated, costly or time consuming anymore. It’s never been easier to incorporate rituals into your life that help boost your mood while providing powerful benefits. Something as simple as a spritz of fragrance can go a long ways.

Wellness moments can be found all around us – it’s up to us to create and carve out a moment to care for ourselves and our well-being. And there is no easier way than to add them to our daily care routines. Being Frenshe unlocks the tools and empowers us to create rituals that provide an instant impact on our daily lives.


Connecting the power of scent and wellness.

MoodScience™ Scent Technology is our proven technology used to create our mood-boosting scents. Crafted by perfumers, powered by science, designed to enhance your well-being and boost your mood.

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