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This New England Designer’s Bedroom Is Drenched in Color

03.14.2024 — Amber Katz

Interior designer (and House Beautiful contributing shopping editor) Angela Belt of Angela Belt Interiors is known for her eye for design trends and embrace of vivid color. When she’s not designing or styling interiors, Angela chats with tastemakers about their respective journeys in interior design on her podcast, The Mood Board—it’s a must-listen if you’re interested in creating a home that reflects your style. Here, she joins us as we visit her favorite space in her West Hartford, CT home: a bedroom awash in color, pattern, and even a meditation nook. 

Tell us about your favorite space in your home.

One of my favorite places in my home is my bedroom. It’s a tranquil space where I can unwind from the day. There is no TV in my bedroom, and I painted the walls a deep blue-green color called Deep Dive from Clare on all of the walls, including the ceiling, so it feels extra cozy and calm. I also have blackout window treatments from The Shade Store to guarantee a good night’s rest. But it can also be energizing with my “me space,” which I carved out in a little nook for mindfulness with meditation and yoga.

How do you use the space? 

My bedroom has the dual purpose of energizing or calming me after a long day of juggling design projects and family stuff. I use it for meditation and yoga, as mentioned. Before bedtime, I like to unplug from screens, so I often play ocean sounds on my sound machine and read a book before bed. All of my apps get timed out for bedtime, so I can’t distract myself late at night with the endless scrolling on TikTok or the ‘gram. I like to think my bedroom is a daily retreat from the chaos of managing my business as an interior designer and balancing that with motherhood. In three words, I’d describe it as energizing, relaxing, and mindful. 

How does it make you feel to be in there? 

My bedroom brings me a lot of energy. I feel like I can get myself in the right headspace before I start or end my day. I try not to work too often in this room to make it feel like a separate space for reflection or hanging out with my husband to just talk about life versus focusing on work. 

It took a lot to convince my husband to go with a pink upholstered bed, but it’s so cozy and makes us feel like we’re in a hotel room at home.

Tell us about the design choices, decor, and accessories. 

The theme of this room is to energize me and give me a space for some self-reflection. My bedroom lets me leave everything that happened in the outside world away once I enter this room. I have a lot of fun pieces in my bedroom. It took a lot to convince my husband to go with a pink upholstered bed, but it’s so cozy and makes us feel like we’re in a hotel room at home. I love to use wallpaper in my designs—there isn’t a room in my house that doesn’t have at least one accent wall with wallpaper on it. When I found this Grove wallpaper from Anthropologie that perfectly matched my Clare paint, I knew I had to do this combination.

I’m a sucker for mid-century modern furniture, and my dresser is a vintage piece I’ve owned for at least ten years now. I always love to feature work from Black artisans and people of color in my designs.  So, all of my artwork is from Society6’s Discover Black Artists collection, and the handmade baskets are from Room & Board, made by artisans in Ghana, Uganda, and Bangladesh.

How did you come up with this color palette? 

So, I always start with a mood board before I begin any design process. I gravitated toward pink and blue as the two primary colors in the room. I like how the two tones balance each other out. Pink can be really energizing, while blue-green can be soothing to the eye. From there, I decided to layer in gold accents and white in the lighting and then pair that with creamy colors in the bedding and window treatments.

Any interesting stories about how you sourced any of the items? 

A design choice for the room that was a bit unexpected is the faux grass on the angled ceiling in the room. I wanted my meditation space to be inviting and a place where I would look forward to spending some time for mindfulness. I knew surrounding myself with plants and looking up into some greenery would help ground me. It was a fun and simple DIY that I got from Amazon that made a big impact on the design.

Get the look

Orange Grove Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Mid-Century Modern Dresser 

Peach Upholstered Sleigh Bed

Small Moroccan Rug

Artificial Boxwood Wall

Bleached Peacock Swords

Photographs: David Land

Amber Katz