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Anthony Immediato’s Living Room Shows the Allure of Warm Neutrals

12.22.2023 — Amber Katz

Anthony Immediato is the interior stylist and content creator behind Immediato Interiors, sharing his decor scores and advice to grateful audiences of 100K+ on TikTok and Instagram. “I love to create spaces and content that helps inspire people to elevate their homes,” he says. “It’s really important to love where you live, and I try to make that a reality for anyone following along.” We agree, of course, and are thrilled he agreed to share what he loves about his favorite space in his Philadelphia home: his living room. 

Tell us about your favorite space in your home. 

My favorite space in my home is my living room. I live in a smaller apartment, so the open-concept living space is the only area to spend time in besides my bedroom. That being said, I needed to create the perfect multifunctional area that could be used everyday. Since I am a home/lifestyle content creator, I use my living room all the time for multiple reasons. During the week,  it acts as my office space where I sit and plan content and also film most of my videos. During the evenings and weekends, it’s a great place to decompress and relax or host a few friends for wine nights. From the second I wake up and make breakfast until I am winding down later in the evening, I am most likely in my living room.

How does it make you feel to be in there? 

When I am in my living space, I feel serene and relaxed all while also feeling uplifted and elevated. I feel like it’s important for me to be able to feel multiple different ways while I’m in the space, because the space itself is so multifunctional.

Tell us about the design choices, decor, accessories. 

During the design process I definitely did not want every piece in my home to be brand-new. I think it’s important to bring in pieces from different eras. So when I was sourcing furniture and decor I would go to thrift shops, antique malls, and estate sales to find a lot of second hand pieces. And if I did buy a brand-new piece, I made sure that it was inspired by vintage design. 

As much as I want to love color and embrace it in my home, I am a neutral lover through and through.

As much as I want to love color and embrace it in my home, I am a neutral lover through and through. I do try to stay away from cooler neutrals, like gray, as much as possible unless it’s a warmer pop of gray on an accent piece. That being said, I was inspired by natural earth tones. I include a lot of natural linen, warmer wood tones, and creamy whites. This neutral color scheme personally makes me feel relaxed when I’m spending time in my home.

taper candle burning next to a minimalist lamp

Is there a theme or motif for this space?

The theme for the space is definitely organic modern with a more traditional flair brought in by some of the vintage and vintage- inspired pieces. 

In three words, how would you describe it? 

Curated, tranquil, elevated.  

Any interesting stories about how you sourced any of the items? 

When sourcing my oval travertine coffee table it was a new piece, not secondhand. But I didn’t love the original legs it came with, so I was on a hunt for replacement legs. I ended up sourcing an old large wooden beam from a cheap consignment shop and decided to cut it up and make legs out of it and arranged them in an asymmetrical and sculptural way to make the piece really stand out and be one of a kind. 

When it comes to the decor on my coffee table, I always have some sort of arrangement of books. I love decorating with coffee table books because they’re so functional. They’re great to add height and dimension to any surface and they usually provide some great interior decorating inspiration. Unless I’m looking for a specific book, I almost always thrift my coffee table books so that they’re always unique and super affordable! 

The coffee table stylings always feature some sort of beautiful ceramic vase or vessel. Almost all of my ceramics are either thrifted secondhand or vintage. Some of my favorites come from an LA-based home and decor shop called Olive Ateliers. They source a lot of their pieces from Turkey. And of course, I’ll occasionally throw in some fresh flowers or stems depending on the season. 

The black Mario Bellini chair is from a furniture store called Eternity Modern. I wanted to add in a piece that felt classic and modern at the same time, much like my apartment. The chair is a replica of the iconic design by Mario Bellini from the ‘70s and I thought it coexisted well with my other furniture, but also stood out and made a statement on its own.

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