Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Add to Your Plate This Summer

07.22.2021 — Neeyaz Neeyaz Zolfaghari

During the summer, our nutrition and dietary intake leans more towards foods that are lighter, brighter and always full of essential nutrients to fuel our bodies.

We tend to be more active during the summer, spend more time outdoors and our metabolism is heightened, focusing on having consistent meals and snacks to keep our fuel, stabilize our blood sugar and provide us with vitamins and minerals to keep our bodies well nourished, is key.

With warmer temperatures and in some areas higher humidity levels, the amount of inflammation or thickness of fluid in our joints tends to increase due to weather alone. And while inflammation is necessary on an acute level to defend our body against bacteria, viruses, and pathogens, chronic inflammation that is normally brought on by stress, insufficient sleep, and inadequate nutrition needs to be paid attention to. Nutrition is a huge priority here, which is why a focus on anti-inflammatory foods in our daily intake is incredibly supportive for our bodies overall. 

Here are 5 delicious anti-inflammatory foods to enjoy this summer.


Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, whatever melon calls your name. Melons have been shown to reduce certain inflammatory markers, making them a delicious and nutritious summertime snack.

Summer Squash

Squash is naturally high in fiber, and a fiber-rich diet has been shown to help lower levels of inflammation.


Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory – peppermint is a winner all around! Add fresh leaves to your smoothie, sprinkled on a salad or diffused in a glass of water to sip on throughout the day.


Sweet, sour and so fun to eat! The pigmentation from cherries, anthocyanin, helps to reduce inflammatory markers.

Red Bell Peppers

Packed with vitamins A and C, red bell peppers are a wonderful source of quercetin that helps to reduce inflammation.

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Neeyaz Neeyaz Zolfaghari