Jupiter’s Modern Minimalistic Nursery

Jupiter’s Modern Minimalistic Nursery

03.31.2021 — Ashley Tisdale-French

When creating Jupiter’s nursery I had a lot of different ideas.  Of course, I headed over to Pinterest to grab some inspo before I really found one that I loved. My husband and I love a minimalistic approach to interior design, and when creating her nursery we wanted it to be a calm grounding space for her. Knowing we were naming her Jupiter, we went ahead with the colors of the planet that just so happen to be earthy and not too girly.


I started with the crib which (of course) is the best non-toxic crib in the market by Kalon Studios. It is a bit pricey, but I love that it changes into a toddler bed so it ended up being a great investment for us. I also love the modern design of it!


After picking our crib, we decided to focus on mixing and matching different woods so we weren’t stuck in one area.


We did a collage of pictures above her dresser representing Juju’s story of how she got here, and of course, Maui is watching right over the baby’s crib.

Jupiter's dresser

The dresser is from Anthropologie and I put a changing topper on top of it. I personally don’t like when all furniture matches each other. A lot of us are guilty of just heading down the baby aisle and picking a set of furniture when there are so many other options like vintage shopping or choosing unconventional pieces to switch things up.


My rocking chair hasn’t arrived yet, because it’s so popular (Leanne Ford kills it in the baby aisle) but all you really need in the first couple of weeks are your bed and a nursing pillow!

I knew I wanted to do shelving for books but I wanted a pop of color instead of the typical white shelving so I ordered unfinished shelves from Etsy and painted them in Card Room Green by Farrow and Ball, I felt like in between the windows that color was nice against the trees. The rug is Serena & Lily and the rattan swallows on the wall are from Sacred Bundle. 

For the window treatments, we opted for Roman shades by The Shade Store, and our vintage bench from my last house fits perfectly with her cute little animal friends. The bathroom is really modern and had a more masculine and grey feel to it, so I painted it in Sulking Room pink by Farrow and Ball, and I changed the lights to fixtures that I’ve had for years. I also threw in a cool vintage rug from Blue Parakeet in there.

nursery swing

I know, I know—there isn’t a bath, but we have bathtubs in other rooms so I’m not too concerned about that (even though a lot of people were on Instagram were lol). To finish the room off, I wanted something really special above the crib. I searched for moon art and planets and I came across Stella Maria Baer on Pinterest. She created a Jupiter art piece made from earth and mineral pigments on cotton. What’s cool about it is that the colors slightly change depending on the light hitting it and the time of day, just like a mountain or the sky. I absolutely love it and it’s a piece she’ll have forever!

After seeing the finished room it couldn’t be more perfect for her. It’s not too overwhelming and really is just a calm space for her to enjoy. I would love to take all the credit in designing but I think she had a lot to do with it in my tummy as I’ve never been more trusting of myself with the choices I made. Hope you all love it as well!



Photography: Jordan Zobrist
Ashley Tisdale-French
Ashley Tisdale is a mom, the founder of Frenshe, and an entertainer.