frens(he): From Man to Man, Here’s Why You Should Be Taking Baths

03.22.2023 — Daniel Weeks

Taking a bath, for some odd reason, is already a divisive subject among men. In fact, some don’t even find using soap while showering necessary, so mentioning a bath bomb? It’s gotten me some rather odd responses from friends and coworkers alike. I’ve had comments calling it childish, gross, and just outright “not manly.” This just never made sense to me. I don’t see how cleanliness or relaxation have anything to do with that.

And while I can see why someone might think it’s a yucky stew of filth (just rinse off before, and take a quick shower after if you are so worried), the other takes are something I always fight against. Why is having a moment of joy and relaxation seen as not masculine?

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I work within a construction office, which leads to a particular type of machismo, though it seems to be more widespread than that. I guess their minds go to having lit candles and a glass of wine, but what’s so wrong with that if it helps you relax after a long day?

Then there are the complaints that “it takes too long” and “it’s a waste of time,” but I don’t see taking time to calm down and process the day as a waste. I’ve had moments where something was really holding me back at work, and just sitting in a bathtub gave me time to think about and figure out the problem. Being lost in your thoughts can be really beneficial.


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On days when I feel I strained something (the joys of getting older), sitting in a hot bath helps with the pain. Adding Epsom salts lets my body recover from workouts or getting beat up playing basketball. If I’m getting ready for bed, I’ll use the melatonin-infused kind. As for bath bombs, you can get a whole variety of sensations, from intricate smells to moisturizing and healing properties. And also, they’re just fun.

Baths help me relax both physically and mentally. Give me a drink on the side, some snacks, and a podcast playing, and I am in my own personal oasis. Taking care of your well-being shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of! And for the men out there still hesitant to try it: in the privacy of your home, no one will judge you but yourself.

Daniel Weeks