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It’s Finally Here! Introducing the New Being Frenshe Scent, Palo Santo Sage

02.26.2024 — Ashley Tisdale-French

How do you feel present and grounded?

For me, it’s when I’m surrounded by nature and breathing in deep. Listening to my innermost voice. Trusting my intuition. Finding myself in the quiet and feeling connected to everything around me, simply by being in the moment.

It’s that feeling that inspires our new Being Frenshe collection, Present & Grounded. It’s been two years in the making, and now I can finally share it with you. The mood-boosting Palo Santo Sage scent, designed with intention, features our MoodScience™ Scent Technology—a proven technology to boost your mood. I love how this gorgeous, clean fragrance helps me feel centered, rooted, and at peace.

I’m also thrilled to reveal a new format for our Being Frenshe rituals: a beautiful Eau de Parfum, available in (of course) Palo Santo Sage, Lavender Cloud, and Cashmere Vanilla. You’ll see them rolling out on and at Target stores in the next few weeks. Definitely let me know what you think on Instagram or TikTok—because I do read the Being Frenshe DMs!

So that’s the big news! Look below to discover the entire Present & Grounded collection. I hope these new rituals make you feel good and encourage mindfulness wherever and whenever your day may take you. Because wellness isn’t a destination—it’s a journey.


Being Frenshe Palo Santo Sage collection
Ashley Tisdale-French
Ashley Tisdale is a mom, the founder of Frenshe, and an entertainer.