What It’s Really Like to Get Breast Explant Surgery

09.25.2020 — Ashley Tisdale-French

I know that I’ve spoken a little about my explant journey, but I decided to write a full post on my experience about making that decision. As you all know, I was struggling with some gut issues and food sensitivities that weren’t adding up. I worked with holistic doctors for years to find out what the issue was, because my regular physician wasn’t seeing anything on my blood work that would explain this.

I was on my Instagram explore page last November and happened to randomly check out a post of a girl with celery juice (Lol, I was really into that craze at the time). She mentioned so many of the same symptoms that I was experiencing at the time and explained how she got breast explant surgery saw a huge difference in her health. That was the first time I had really heard about implants causing issues. My mind immediately went to the timeline of when did I start feeling this way and what could be contributing. I then began reading more about Breast Implant Illness (BII) and did my research as I always do. I read so many stories and saw so many YouTube videos of girls feeling the same symptoms I was feeling. I then made an appointment with a surgeon to discuss explant surgery, because once I thought that was the reason for my health issues, I knew it was time to get mine removed.

I am a true believer that even just the thought of something has so much power. I just knew that taking them out was already going to relieve some of the symptoms I was struggling with. What’s so crazy is that plastic surgeons can’t actually acknowledge Breast Implant Illness because then they obviously won’t be able to practice breast augmentation surgery. As you know, implants are one of the biggest moneymakers in the plastic surgery industry. However, he said if taking my implants out would make me feel better, then it’s the right thing to do. Once I have my mind set on something, I commit entirely.

I just knew that taking them out was already going to relieve some of the symptoms I was struggling with.

I made the appointment for my explant surgery a month later around Christmas time because that was my only break from the show I was working on. I was so nervous but, I actually found an influencer, Karissa Pukas, who shared her experience on YouTube, and watching her journey made me feel a lot better. I was more prepared than ever for what I was about to experience.

If I had to choose the hardest part, I would say that was the drains. I had them in for four days and I just didn’t like anything about it! I was so uncomfortable and I’m not good about looking at blood. This is obviously to help drain fluid from where the implants were so it doesn’t cause an infection. I just kept thinking about all of the positive things coming out of this and less about the uncomfortableness of it all. I was super excited about getting my drains out at my check-up appointment because it was right before Christmas. I felt like that was a gift itself!

One of the first wow moments I had was when I took a photo the morning of my surgery and then another photo a week later in the same room with the same lighting. I noticed that my natural skin tone was back. It was warm and I didn’t have any dark circles underneath my eyes. It was as if you could clearly see the toxicity that was in my body poisoning me. A week later, my digestion was completely back to normal, and today, my food sensitivities have gotten better and I’m not as allergic to so many things.

A lot of people ask me if I was worried about what my natural breasts would look like and honestly no I wasn’t. I was at a place where I really didn’t even like having my implants anymore and I wanted to honor my body in its natural form. I believe our thoughts help us, and by practicing self-love meditation and keeping a positive attitude, I was able to love the results. I remember the day my surgeon was taking the bandage off, I was so scared to look down, but then I saw myself in the mirror and I was like “Oh my god, they’re beautiful!”, and I was so happy. I was literally thanking my surgeon for doing such an incredible job and he laughed because all he did was take them out. That feeling was the best feeling in the world.

Seeing my body in a way I hadn’t seen it in a while and fully loving the way I looked is a feeling I’ll never forget. Am I bummed I have scars from getting implants and regret getting them in the first place? Of course. However, my husband always helps me look at the positive and says that those scars represent my journey and what got me to where I am right now. So, I embrace those imperfections, and I embrace that I’m not perfect and that I’m beautiful just as I am.



Ashley Tisdale-French
Ashley Tisdale is a mom, the founder of Frenshe, and an entertainer.