Colostrum: The Superfood You May Have Never Heard Of, But Should Know About

03.11.2021 — Neeyaz Neeyaz Zolfaghari

Referred to as “nature’s first food,” colostrum is no stranger to moms. It is the precursor to milk produced from the mammary glands at the end of pregnancy and leading up to the first few days following the baby’s birth. Colostrum helps support the development of immunity in a newborn, as it is loaded with immune, growth and tissue repair factors.

Whether it’s coming from humans or other mammals, colostrum contains peptides, immunoglobulins (proteins in the immune system that function as antibodies), lactoferrin (an iron binding protein that promotes the growth of certain probiotics), cytokines (proteins that keep the communication between immune cells active), helps promote a healthy gut and has over 20 different antibodies for overall immune support.

Colostrum has a fascinating history. Historically it has been used for various illnesses via Ayurvedic physicians of India. In the late 18th century, Western medicine began to take an interest in colostrum and it was then that colostrum was being prescribed for conditions such as immune system enhancement. Later in the 20th century and before the development of penicillin and other artificial antibiotics, colostrum was used to fight bacterial infections.

Lactose intolerant? Good news, colostrum is naturally low in lactose. For some lactose intolerant people, taking colostrum has been helpful in helping to increase tolerance of lactose. In fact, colostrum that comes from goats has the closest profile to colostrum from humans. This is one of the reasons that those with dairy sensitivity are able to tolerate goat or sheep’s dairy.

Colostrum can be taken in powder, tablet or capsule form. If you are interested and would like to start taking colostrum, be sure to first check with your healthcare provider. Once you’re given the clearance to begin incorporating colostrum into your nutrient intake, make sure to source colostrum that is derived from grass fed cows or goats and free from added hormones.

New research continues to come out about colostrum and its benefits for consumption. As with anything else related to your health and well being, be sure that you’re speaking with a trusted healthcare provider and incorporate supplementations that are best suited for you and your unique needs.

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Neeyaz Neeyaz Zolfaghari