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Four Steps to Creating a Vision Board That Works

05.08.2024 — Luiza Bargo

A vision board is a manifestation technique using images that represent your goals and ambitions. The idea is to help you visualize your “ideal future,” and to help you program your subconscious to work with the law of attraction. Of course, it is important to note that as with any manifestation technique, you need to actively work towards those goals for them to come true.

Vision boards are not magical tools that will conjure the future you want from nothing, after all. But using a vision board – and keeping it somewhere you look at every day – is a good way of reminding yourself what you are working toward and keeping you motivated to take the steps to get there. Here’s how to create one.

Reflect on past accomplishments

When making plans for the future, it’s easy to forget all the things you’ve successfully done to get to where you are. Before you start planning your next big steps, take some time to reflect on your previous accomplishments, and let yourself be grateful for them. Then consider what you’ve tried and failed at, what lessons you can take from those experiences, and whether or not those are still things you would like to accomplish. Adjust accordingly.

Ask yourself what you really want

This is the time to be brutally honest with yourself. Remember, your vision board does not need to be shared with anyone, so don’t feel bound by what society or other people think you should want. Instead, focus on your needs and desires, no matter how selfish they might be (this is your life, it’s okay to prioritize yourself) or how impossible it feels.

Write down everything that comes to mind, then list everything in order of how much you want it. Don’t limit yourself, and don’t settle for something just because “that’s how it’s always been.” When it comes to creating a vision board, every intention should be a reflection of your most ideal self.

Then focus on five to 10 items on your list for the actual board, as you don’t want to find yourself aimless or unfocused when it’s time to work towards those objectives – or inviting mess into your life. Save your list to revisit when making a new board next year. At that point, you can decide which goals are still something you want and which you feel comfortable letting go of. It might surprise you to see how much can change in a year.

Collect your supplies

Whether you are making a physical board or a virtual one, this is the time to collect any supplies you might need to create your vision board. There are plenty of checklists and tutorials online on how to create a vision board, the important thing here is choosing whatever method works best for you. Pinterest boards, journals, and bulletin boards are all helpful options.

The most important part here is choosing pictures (and words) that will evoke the right emotions. Be as specific as possible here, but remember: it’s okay to choose something that is a general representation if you’re not too fussed about the particulars (a picture of an airplane and the beach versus a photo of the Maldives, for instance, if the goal is simply to travel somewhere by the ocean).

Put it together

When putting your board together, leave enough space so that you can see each individual item you’ve included. That will ensure you can visualize your goals without getting lost in chaos and clutter. 

Then put it somewhere you look at every day. It does not have to be public. Your bedroom or home office are good spots if you live by yourself or don’t mind a partner or roommate seeing it, but you can also opt for keeping a picture of it on your phone (and even making it your screensaver).

Remember to really look at it every day. Spend some time with each item, remembering why you included it and thinking of how good it will feel to achieve this goal. Picture yourself living that ideal life as you put those intentions out into the world, then do it again tomorrow, and the day after. Don’t forget that manifestation should be a regular practice, and vision boards are simply a tool to aid you in it.

Lastly, if at any point you feel as though you have outgrown these goals, or hopefully achieved the majority of them, it is okay to start anew. If possible, save old vision boards as a reminder of what you’ve been able to accomplish.

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  • Luiza Bargo is a Brazilian writer and graphic designer based in Texas. She loves discussing harm reduction in the beauty and wellness industry, sustainable fashion, and all things nerdy. Follow her on Instagram (@luizabargo) to keep up with her work.

Luiza Bargo
Luiza Bargo is a Brazilian writer and graphic designer based in Texas. She loves discussing harm reduction in the beauty and wellness industry, sustainable fashion, and all things nerdy. Follow her on Instagram (@luizabargo) to keep up with her work.