Here’s What Eclipse Season Actually Means

05.05.2022 — Camila Rivera

Camila Rivera is a Colombian astrologer based in North Carolina. She comes from a line of spiritualists and curanderas–and subsequently found herself inherently drawn to the occult since childhood. She has been a student of astrology for the past six years. 

Since the dawn of humanity, eclipses have been seen as turning points. Historically, eclipses have been viewed as ill-fated omens by some ancient civilizations. But in reality, eclipses are a way for the universe to correct course and to remind us of our purpose, as so often we forget our path. The universal understanding (particularly among modern day astrologers) of eclipses is that they are harbingers of change and that’s not inherently a bad thing. 

The partial solar eclipse on April 30th, 2022 in Taurus marked the start of the eclipses that will take place along the Scorpio-Taurus nodal axis. Monday, May 16th will bring the total lunar eclipse in Scorpio — and for the next six months, the universe will be meting out circumstances that encourage us to heal whatever wounds we might be experiencing around Scorpio-Taurus themes. 

What exactly is an eclipse? 

Officially, eclipses are defined as the event in which one heavenly body moves into the shadow of another. In astrology, we recognize that the moon moves across Earth’s orbital plane (known as the ecliptic) at points referred to as the lunar nodes, or the nodes of destiny. Eclipse season begins when these nodes point directly to the sun. 

The lunar nodes exist on an axis which have come to be misunderstood in the mainstream media as “sister signs.” This coined term does a disservice to the polarity that exists between each sign’s opposite equal; think of the axis as a mirror–the image reflected is similar, but not quite the same.

Eclipses are humanity’s great teachers. They walk us through the nodal axises, each one containing its own set of lessons, and force us to look at the world through a different point of view. 

What is the Scorpio-Taurus polarity?

Right now, both the sun and moon will–at one point or another–meet with the lunar nodes while they reside in either Scorpio or Taurus. This means that any theme which falls under the Scorpio-Taurus nodal axis will have the opportunity to be activated.

One of the most important themes within this axis is security. Taurus rules the second house of worldly possessions and one’s own finances; it is a house planted firmly in the material realm. Scorpio naturally rules the eighth house of the occult and inheritances–or other people’s finances–and it is a deeply spiritual and transformative house within the natal chart. 

Taurus, naturally, needs no one. It is a hard-working sign, devoted to accruing wealth, but is also a sign known for its possessiveness. Scorpio, in its wisdom, understands that true wealth is generational–it is a sign focused on its legacy–and that abundance can be brought about spiritually as well as materially. 

Neither side is wholly wrong, but neither are they wholly right. In order to find peace within this axis there is a need to come back to the center, where all things are balanced. 

What is this eclipse season telling us?

This eclipse season the universe wants you to get real with yourself. It wants you to ask: what am I subjecting myself to? Be it an ideology, an occupation, or a relationship – ask yourself if it is bringing abundance into your life. Or are you just going through the motions, content with complacency? 

This is a time where the universe is heeding caution in signing contracts (whether material or spiritual). Now is the time to move with intention and to shed your old skin if it no longer fits. We are constantly evolving creatures–stagnancy, in the animal kingdom, means sure death. 

Astrologers often advise not to do anything while the eclipse is fully activated (for instance, from April 30th to May 15th) because any manifestations set during this time will be granted–but don’t expect it to be neat. Eclipses are full of chaotic energy and any wish granted will come with the disclaimer: be careful what you wish for. 

Personally, I believe it depends on how you manifest. Most of the manifestation rituals taught are centered in yang energy–forceful, masculine energy. Eclipses are a time to lean into yin energy–relaxed, receptive feminine energy. If you feel called to manifest around an eclipse, do so with the intention to receive and not create.

The universe will bring us to a resolution (whether we want it or not) as eclipse season closes with the partial solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th and the total lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8th. Anything that has occurred within that timespan was fated to be–trust the timing of your life.

Camila Rivera