Energize Your At-Home Office with These Feng Shui Tips

01.25.2021 — Anita Rosenberg

Nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, has left a lot of people wondering “How can I upgrade my home?”. Let’s face it, the home is where everyone spends the majority of their time and now everyone is stuck there more than ever. So, why not make it look and feel as best as possible? As one of the few female directors in Hollywood, I decided to put on my directorial cap and find a new way to inspire and empower others to be the stars of their own lives. After transitioning from making movies to building a hand-painted décor business, I traveled to China to manufacture my collection. It was in Hong Kong where I first learned about this magical mystical practice of Feng Shui.

I didn’t know it then, but Chinese Metaphysics would become my next reinvention and a new career. Today I’m sharing how you can use the art of feng shui to energize your home office or workspace, due to the current nature of remote work. Since a lot of you will be working from your homes for the foreseeable future, or have been on the remote work bandwagon for a while, I want to help elevate that experience and lead you to live your most productive and successful life. Trust me, you’ll want to try these immediately!

Feng Shui 101

Qi is the life-force energy in all things. The unseen forces of the universe are at play in our lives, so why wouldn’t you want to know how to tap into this powerful energy to benefit every aspect of your life? Just to be clear, having good Feng Shui is not about where you place your couch or keeping your toilet lid closed. Having good Feng Shui in your space is about tapping into auspicious energy and circulating it to support and nurture. Feng Shui is our Earth Luck and it is one-third of what makes us happy, healthy, and prosperous. When you live and work in a place that supports you, life is better. Relationships are more loving. Good Feng Shui is needed now more than ever in the challenging times we find ourselves in.

Energizing Your Workspace

Classical Feng Shui is about tapping into the natural energies of the space. It is an environmental science and we first must look to the outside to see what is going on and then to the interior to analyze the Qi (life-force energy) flow. The three most important areas of the home are the entry, bedroom, and kitchen. Today, we also add the home office (no matter which room you work out of) into the mix. 

Top tips for the entry:

  • Bright Hall or Ming Tang entrance to invite auspicious Qi energy
  • Add greeters like a small table, fresh flowers, crystals, or something meaningful to you that makes you happy when you enter
  • You can add a mirror to a side wall, but not directly facing you as you enter – you will push that energy back out the door
  • Keep the entry well lit – no gloomy dark space
  • I like a shoeless house to keep the energy of the outside world out – plus it keeps your home clean

Top tips for the bedroom:

  • Bedrooms have two purposes only – rest/relaxation and sex/romance
  • Have two side tables and two lamps (they do not have to match)
  • Extend the bed with a bench or seating, the bed is the king or queen of the room
  • No choppy ceiling fan, no TV, no electronics in the bedroom – they stir up the energy with harmful EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies)
  • Add romantic art
  • The only photos should be and your significant other
  • If single, no photos in the bedroom

Top tips for the kitchen:

  • Keep 50% of the counter space free
  • No stove on the island
  • Kitchens are the new living rooms so make them social and add seating
  • Best stove directions (facing out from the knobs) are E, SE, NE, S

Your Office = Power Center

Offices are our power centers. Home offices are especially important moving forward because if you can work from home, you will have a business that will likely serve you for a lifetime. You want to have a commanding view of the room while sitting at your desk. I suggest investing in a supportive desk chair with arms. A new tip I want to share right now is to create a professional background for your ZOOM and on-line calls and meetings.  I want you to pretend that you’re an actor and this is your set. What people see behind you is important because it reflects who you are and what is important to you. Keep it simple. If you use a bookshelf, curate the books displayed. You need excellent lighting on your face. Natural light is appealing. Doors, corners, closets, and other unattractive visuals can be distracting when you are commanding attention on camera.

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Anita Rosenberg