How Our Editorial Director Styled Her Bookshelf

11.16.2022 — Sara Li

As a professional writer, I’ve always known that bookshelves in the home is what eyes are to the soul (which to say, they are the window to everything). I’ve been in my Los Feliz apartment for a little over a year now, much of which has been spent looking for the perfect bookshelf. I’ve looked high and low for a centerpiece that would tie my living room together and feature all of my prized books, plays, and knick knacks. I knew that I was looking for a wide bookshelf with a window that can hide my paperwork and not-so-glamorous work tools from view. After months of searching, I finally found exactly what I was looking for.

(Note: the bookshelf I got from Urban Outfitters is currently sold out, but check back for a restock!)

Not to be a Virgo, but I knew that I wanted my bookshelf to be as functional as it is aesthetic. I’m a habitual book collector and I’m proud of my little array of essays, poems, fiction, and plays that I’ve picked up over the years. I divided my shelf by genre, with plays and acting books at the top, accessorized with a pink salt lamp.

Next, I used the big rows for my novels and non-fiction. My favorite books that I’ve read this year are Crying in H-Mart and We Keep The Dead Close—if you have any recommendations for anything involving a female protagonist, DM me! In the middle section, I arranged my House of Leon candle next to my film camera, a candle, and my coffeebooks and notebooks.


House of Leon Delphina Sculpture Candle$125

The Delphina Sculpture Candle, inspired by the figure and shape of the feminine form, brings an abstract and artistic touch to any space. Based on the work of Ojai sculptor Firoozeh Neman, the Delphina Candle is a celebration of the glory and power of the human figure.

For the bottom row, I use the far left to collect my library books. I do not have a green thumb and can’t keep anything alive (aside from my cat), so I ordered fake tulips to spruce up the shelf. On the right, I keep a little tray for my wellness practices: palo santo, bath crystals, and more candles (do I have a candle problem? Probably).

If you’re a reader like me, a bookshelf is the perfect piece of furniture to display your tastes and interests. It’s the most curated part of my living room and if you’re looking for something to invest in, I highly recommend seeking out a shelf that represents you and your personality as much as possible. It doesn’t have to be just books—let it be a shrine to everything that you love.

Sara Li