How to Throw an Epic Dinner Party at Home

05.22.2024 — Ashley Tisdale-French

If there’s one thing I love doing, it’s hosting different events at home! Whether it’s a backyard hangout, a movie night, or a dinner party—I’m here to make sure my guests are having a great time. And because food and entertainment are two of my love languages, I wanted to dive into how I prep the perfect dinner party. With the summer season swiftly approaching, I know I’ll be spending a ton of time at home, and what better way to spend it than with a cozy and intimate dinner party?

If you’re looking to have some people over for a delicious meal and good vibes, allow me to show you how to make sure they have a great time. Watch my full dinner party prep below and don’t forget to shop for my essentials too!

Ashley Tisdale-French
Ashley Tisdale is a mom, the founder of Frenshe, and an entertainer.